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Tourism Administration, M.O.T.C. Republic of China


Open Government Declaration

Method and scope of authorization

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications will make available the data and materials posted at the official website of the Tourism Administration, within the scope of copyright protection, to the public for the best use of information contained at the website. This information is available free of charge, nonexclusive, and could be further authorized for the public irrespective of time and place, for reproduction, modification, editing, public dissemination or use in any other purpose, for the development of various kinds of products or services (derivatives). The authorization for use of information will not be revoke. It is not necessary for the users to obtain authorization from the entity in writing or any other means. However, users shall cite the source of the information.

Important notice

The authorized use of data is confined to the scope under copyright protection but not the scope of use protected by other intellectual property rights, including but not limiting to patents, trademarks, and the provision of logos of the entities.

Whether the voluntary disclosure or mandatory disclosure of the personal information of respective users could be collected, processed and used of not shall be governed by the Personal Information Protection Act thereby respective users are advised to design and execute the plan of data use in accordance with applicable laws.

The data may contain audiovisual element, image, musical pieces, special articles and works of particular persons, users may use the aforementioned data only at the special permission of the entity.

Please note that the personality right of the works by a third party shall not be infringed (including the right of naming and right of prohibition of undue change).

Users shall not modify related information maliciously when using the data and materials available under this authorization. If the information so exhibited after using was found irrelevant with the original data and materials, the users concerned shall be liable to legal consequence, civil and criminal.

The authorization of this website shall not be construed as the recommendation, recognition, or approval of the role of the derivatives by this website.

Amendment to the privacy right protection policy: the privacy right protection policy of this website may be subject to amendment where necessary. The clauses after amendment will be posted at the website.

Last Updated:2023/01/12
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