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Tourism Administration, M.O.T.C. Republic of China



Contact Information
  • Tel:+886-2-2349-1500#8614
  • Fax:+886-2-2778-3091
Introduction of Secretariat
  • Safekeeping of official seals; management of documents and files
  • Management of meeting procedures, fund receipts and disbursements, property, construction and repair, procurement, and other administrative tasks
  • Communication with the Legislative Yuan; planning, formulation, implementation, management, and review of media outreach and public relations initiatives
  • Management of janitors and custodians (including technicians and drivers)
  • Serving as the Administration’s point of contact in the event of a disaster prevention or mitigation operation; handling of safety tasks
  • Matters outside the scope of duties of all other divisions and offices of the Administration
Last Updated:2023/09/12
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