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Tourism Administration, M.O.T.C. Republic of China


Planning and Research Division

Contact Information
  • Tel:+886-2-2349-1500#8133
  • Fax:+886-2-8772-2038
Introduction of Planning and Research Division
  • Planning, formulation, preparation, and coordination of tourism development policies, plans, and medium- to long-term projects
  • Preparation, coordination, tracking, monitoring, and review of annual policy whitepapers, measures, and results
  • Tourism market surveys, statistical analysis, and research, and the publication of results
  • Audits, review, and preparation of tourism administration statistics; preparation of monthly and annual reports
  • Improvements to tourism administration efficiency; planning, implementation, and review of citizen service and consumer protection initiatives
  • Formulation, amendment, and interpretation of tourism-related regulations
  • Processing of tourism-related adjudication, administrative litigation, and state compensation claims
  • Other matters related to tourism planning and research
Last Updated:2023/09/13
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