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Tourism Administration, M.O.T.C. Republic of China


Travel and Training Division

Contact Information
  • Tel:+886-2-2349-1500#9003/9004
  • Fax:+886-2-2773-87938
Introduction of Travel and Training Division
  • Formulation and amendment of regulations related to the travel industry, tour guides, and tour managers; formulation and amendment of standard form contracts for domestic and international travel; interpretation of the aforementioned regulations and contracts
  • Issuance of travel agency licenses; issuance and review of tour guide and manager licenses
  • Management, review, and guidance of travel industry personnel, tour guides, and tour managers; provision of guidance for tourism-related legal persons
  • Cultivation, training, commendation, and management of and developmental planning for tourism industry talent
  • Research into and analysis of matters related to travel industry personnel, tour guides, and tour managers
  • Assistance with tourism promotion; support for, commendation, and subsidization of quality enhancement initiatives
  • Communication related to and coordination, and handling of people from the mainland area visiting Taiwan for sightseeing purposes
  • Protection of consumer rights and handling of consumer disputes
  • Other matters related to the tourism industry
Last Updated:2023/09/13
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