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New TAIWAN Tourism Brand Communicate Globally: TAIWAN – Waves of Wonder

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On May 6, 2024, the Taiwan Tourism Administration officially unveiled the Taiwan Tourism Brand Version 3.0 called "TAIWAN – Waves of Wonder". Featuring captivating wave-like designs that illustrate the seasonal highlights of travel across Taiwan, this new identity is supported by innovative brand elements including an animated short film and a promotional song for Taiwan tourism. This initiative is aimed at bolstering Taiwan's efforts to attract a greater number of international tourists.

The launch was graced by the presence of Deputy Secretary-General of the Executive Yuan Lee Guo-Shin, Administrative Deputy Minister of Transportation Lin Kuo-Shian , Director-General of the Taiwan Tourism Administration Chou Yung-hui, along with notable representatives from industry and academia. Deputy Secretary-General Lee emphasized that the tourism sector is highly prioritized by the government, which continually supports its rejuvenation through various initiatives, fostering collaboration between public and private sectors to enhance Taiwan's tourism branding. Administrative Deputy Minister Lin highlighted the resurgence of travel in the post-pandemic era and the upcoming expansion of airport operations, signaling an upgrade in Taiwan's tourism image that promises a richer array of travel experiences. Director-General Zhou elaborated on the need for Taiwan tourism to stay abreast of global trends and the constant demand for innovation. Since its reorganization, the Tourism Administration has been committed to steering the tourism industry towards sustainability and digitization, crafting superior travel experiences and pioneering services. Consequently, a new identification system has been introduced, blending a sleek, modern aesthetic with global trends to boost Taiwan's visibility and appeal internationally, propelling the island towards the "Tourism 2030" strategic vision.

Since 2011, the Taiwan Tourism Administration has been promoted internationally under the brand "Taiwan – The Heart of Asia," successfully creating the image of the heart of Asia. After 13 years and overcoming the challenges of the pandemic, the Taiwan Tourism Administration is launching its new brand "TAIWAN – Waves of Wonder" in 2024. The new brand logo is a collaboration between Dentsu and Bito, founded by Keng Ming Liu, who recently won the Presidential Innovation Award. L An international award-winning design team from Bito led the design, closely aligning with the Tourism Administration's marketing focus of " Enjoy the Mountains, Embrace the Sea, and Explore the Island, " showcasing the dynamic contours of Taiwan's mountains and the charm of its oceans. Furthermore, the Taiwan tourism theme song is composed and written by famous musician Chris Hou, who has won the Golden Melody, Golden Horse, and Golden Bell Awards, marking his third time composing the theme song for Taiwan Tourism. The New Taiwan Tourism Brand Version 3.0 can be described as a convergence of top talents from various industries in Taiwan, shining brightly with their collective efforts.

The new logo of the Taiwan tourism brand integrates imagery such as Taiwan's mountains, oceans, winding roads, and railways, presenting a design with wave-like contours. It adopts the orange of sunrise, not only continuing the warmth and vitality of the previous generation brand, but also symbolizing the future development of Taiwan Tourism. In the past, people searched for "travel destinations"; now, Taiwan advocates "purposeful travel." The new brand, along with the "Taiwan Tourism Biennial," highlights seasonal theme travel, inviting international visitors to experience Taiwan's charms all year-round. 

On the day of the new brand launch, all 16 directors from the Tourism Administration's global offices will participate in the event. Tonight, Taipei 101 will showcase the new brand logo to global travelers for the first time. The refreshed international image will be promoted across various advertising platforms worldwide to attract more tourists to experience Taiwan's four-season charms.

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