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Taiwan Tourism Administration Captures the Attention of Food Enthusiasts Nationwide Netflix's "Somebody Feed Phil" Taiwan Food Special Premieres Globally in March

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The Taiwan Tourism Administration, in collaboration with Netflix's popular food series "Somebody Feed Phil," secretly invited food explorer Phil Rosenthal to Taiwan last May. A professional film crew documented his culinary journey across Taiwan. The official channel of "Somebody Feed Phil" has announced the global premiere of its seventh season in March of this year, featuring a spectacular Taiwan special!

Taiwanese Culinary Extravaganza Draws Celebrities Together

Renowned food explorer Phil Rosenthal will take viewers on a journey through northern Taiwan, from the bustling night markets of Taipei City to the mountain town of Jiufen. The program will feature appearances by various celebrities, including Golden Bell Award-winning host Janet from TLC Channel Travel Show "Fun Taiwan," Basketball Star Dwight Howard, and comedian Brian Tseng. Joining Phil's eating are companions Ivy Chen, creator of and instructor at Ivy's Kitchen-a space dedicated to Taiwan’s culinary traditions; Charlene Yang, founder of Taipei Eater, and Melvin Mar, renowned Hollywood producer. Together, they will indulge in Michelin-starred restaurants and a variety of street food delights.

Experience Diverse Cuisines and Taiwanese Culture

In typical warm and hospitable Taiwanese manner, the host friends guide Phil through an exploration of classic Taiwanese cuisine, leaving no stone unturned. From Michelin-starred restaurants and tea houses in Jiufen to the fruit ice stalls in Ximending, and the bustling night markets of Keelung and Huaxi Street, Phil’s amazed by the accessible deliciousness of Taiwanese cuisine will be at center stage. Along the way, Phil also marvels at local culture, visiting landmarks like Liberty Square and Dadaocheng Cisheng Temple, and even experiencing Taiwanese traditional knife therapy. The program concludes with a magnificent feast shared with friends at the Michelin-starred restaurant Mountain and Sea House.

Taiwan's Culinary Charms Echo Globally, Phil Praises Taiwan's Friendly Culture

Phil immerses himself in Taiwan's street food culture and experiences the exuberating warmth and friendliness of the Taiwanese people, leaving him with an exceptionally positive taste of Taiwan. While Taiwan may not be the most popular tourist destination for Europeans and Americans, those who do visit Taiwan are deeply touched by its charming food culture and hospitality.

Stay Tuned for the Culinary Journey Ahead!

The seventh season of "Somebody Feed Phil" premieres globally on March 1. Let's roll up our sleeves and get ready to dig in on the exciting chapter of this Taiwanese culinary adventure together!

About "Somebody Feed Phil "

Recipient of the James Beard Award in the food category and nominated for the Critics' Choice Real TV Award for Best Travel Show Host multiple times, along with several Primetime Emmy  Awards nominations and wins, "Somebody Feed Phil" is Netflix's top-ranked food travel series, watched by over a million viewers weekly and over 30 million viewers worldwide.

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