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2024 Tourism Festival Award Ceremony. With the Attendance of Vice Premier of the Executive Yuan Wen-Tsan Cheng in Celebration of the Collaborations with Worldwide Tourism Partners

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The 2024 Tourism Festival Awards Ceremony is taking place today, February 22, 2024, in the Grand Ballroom of the Grand Hotel Taipei, in appreciation and recognition for the commendable efforts of groups and individuals within the domestic and international tourism industry. Their accomplishments stand out as they contribute to the revitalization and vibrancy of Taiwan's tourism, all amidst the challenges posed by the global post-pandemic landscape.

Following the highly anticipated restructuring of the Tourism Bureau into the Tourism Administration (TTA), the core mission values of "Communication, Collaboration, Innovation, and Navigation" are now aligned with the dual objectives of "Sustainable and Digital Transformation." This strategic approach aims to gather diverse perspectives, foster collaborations across agencies, and tap into international tourism markets. The overarching goal is to revive Taiwan's international tourism to pre-pandemic levels. With 6.48 million tourists visiting Taiwan in 2023, with top origins being Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea, the outlook for Taiwan's international tourism recovery appears optimistic.

This year's Tourism Festival, for the first time in the last three years, matches the scale of its pre-pandemic celebration. Notably, it marks the inaugural international celebratory event since the reorganization of the TTA, reflecting in the overwhelming congratulations from attendees, both domestic and overseas. Vice Premier of the Executive Yuan Wen-Tsan Cheng and Minister of MOTC, Mr. Kwo-Tsai Wang, attending the event underline the Taiwanese Government's strong commitment to supporting Taiwan's tourism. Vice Premier Cheng emphasized that 2023 was a pivotal moment, showcasing the collective resilience in overcoming pandemic challenges and witnessing the positive outcome of Taiwan's tourism recovery. Acknowledging the industry's hard work, there's an expressed expectation for MOTC to sustain and elevate this recovery to new heights. Minister Wang highlighted the global perspective implemented post-TTA reorganization, emphasizing initiatives like the "Accelerated and Expanded Inbound Tourism Promotion Program" to attract international tourists. The establishment of TTA offices in Busan, Mumbai, and Jakarta demonstrates an intensified international marketing approach, focusing on key tourism events and spotlight awards, promoting sustainable tourism with the core theme "Enjoy mountains, Enjoy sea, Enjoy island adventures." The collaborative effort aims to position Taiwan prominently on the world stage.

This year's Award for Special Contribution to Taiwan Tourism is presented to Mr. HARADA KAZUYUKI, Chairperson of Keikyu Corporation. Keikyu Corporation, having established a Treaty of Amity and Cooperation with Taiwan Railways Administration (currently known as Taiwan Railway Corporation), played a crucial role in fostering collaboration. Mr. Harada's significant contribution includes providing long-term advertising spaces within Keikyu railway stations for Taiwan tourism marketing. Additionally, his efforts in facilitating a visit by Keikyu Group Promotion Association  of Keikyu Corporation aimed at promoting exchanges between Taiwan and Japan's tourism industries are noteworthy. Mr. Harada is recognized for his profound contribution to enhancing Taiwan's tourism.

In recognition of the first anniversary of TTA's reorganization, the Outstanding Tourism & Professional Award has been upgraded to the "Taiwan Tourism Golden Award," the highest honor in Taiwan's tourism industry. Additionally, four awards, including the "Award for Contribution to Taiwan Tourism," "Outstanding Theme Park Award," "Outstanding Hotel & Homestay Management Award (Local Government)," and "Outstanding Government Employee Award," continue to be part of the honors. The "Friend of Taiwan Tourism Award" will be presented following the pre-pandemic tradition, acknowledging the distinguished contributions of various tourism industry partners.

TTA pointed out that this year's ceremony embodies the tourism visions of "Care for Our Land. Let Taiwan Shine," celebrated through performances in Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, and Taiwan's Indigenous People's Languages. It serves as a showcase of Taiwan's diverse local culture. The centerpiece of Taiwan's tourism, "Enjoy Mountains, Enjoy Sea, Enjoy Island Adventures," is emphasized, with a stage crafted without printed materials to align with TTA's "Sustainable & Digital Transformation" initiative. This initiative symbolizes the synergy between Taiwan's unique natural resources and the energy of international tourism, contributing to the sustainable future of Taiwan's tourism industry.

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