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2023 East of Taiwan Tourism Union Achievements Exhibition is brought to Huashan straight from the origin. All are welcome!

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The second East of Taiwan Tourism Union Achievements Exhibition co-hosted by the East Longitudinal Valley National Scenic Area Headquarters, Tourism Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications (hereinafter the ELVNSAH) and the East Coast National Scenic Area Headquarters, Tourism Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications (hereinafter the ECNSAH) is to be held on October 27-29, 2023 at the lawn in front of Huashan Forum of Huashan 1914 Creative Park in Taipei. Under the five major themes of the East Longitudinal Valley and the nine regional themes of the East Coast, more than 70 specialty stores from Hualien and Taitung will bring the most authentic local culture, arts and crafts, delicacies, hot spring culture, souvenirs and snacks from the origin directly to Taipei to provide an authentic sightseeing experience to visitors to the exhibition.



Tourism Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications stated that, integrating with local industries through tourism unions to build strong regional tourism brands and enrich the content and experience provided is an important strategy to promote the steady growth of Taiwan's tourism that keeps up with the times. Eastern Taiwan is blessed with Taiwan's unique nature, landscape, and culture. Through the collaboration of the two national scenic area headquarters under the Tourism Administration, the East of Taiwan brand is created by linking regional tourism resources of food, accommodation, sightseeing, shopping, and transportation to find unique features, with the hope to promote domestic travel, tap into international markets, develop local tourism industry, and revitalize local economy.



This year, with the theme of "Explore East Coast of Taiwan," the East Coast Tourism Union launched a carpool service with Dauding. After adding the service as a LINE friend, visitors can use the smart matching service to book a carpool ride and easily travel from transportation nodes of Hualien and Taitung such as Yuli Station and Taitung Station, without having to worry about transportation. In addition, the local car rental brand, TR9, will share how to travel around Green Island on e-bikes. This year, the tourism union extends to the Orchid Island area. The Orchid Island Pioneers from the Ivalino Tribe will showcase Tao seafood snacks and tours at the exhibition. From the East Longitudinal Valley, Goodeatss Peanuts represents the slow town traditions of Fenglin, Hualien, offering delicious food made with ancient methods but in new packaging and given a new life. The Green Farm adds golden needle flowers (orange daylilies) into brewing and distilling using German techniques. As part of the Rice-Themed Tours of the East Longitudinal Valley, Jinxi Lemon is grown chemical-free in Yuli, Hualien. Linking the indigenous people, the tribes, and the land, the lemons bring surprises to life and convey good faith and the beauty of life!




During the three-day event, singers, dance troupes, and bands from Hualien and Taitung are invited to perform. The indoor handcraft and DIY corner features the unique scents of Hualien and Taitung, namely the aroma of rice and herbs from the East Longitudinal Valley and the smell of the ocean and fermented wine from the East Coast. Songpu Rice Mill located on County Highway 193 is where one can learn all about rice milling and making rice-based food. The freshly grilled rice balls will leave your taste buds missing the rice aroma for a long time. Fruitman from Ruisui offers healing herbs and herbal vinegar DIY, allowing you to indulge in the healing power of plants. As part of "Donghe - Catch your own waves," Xiang-Quan Agricultural takes the East Coast scents as the theme and invites visitors to create their own essential oils. Glutinous Rice Wine from Fengbin Township successfully revived traditional Amis winemaking. At the event, they will share the plants that can be used to make qu, a type of dried fermentation starter used in the production of traditional alcoholic beverages. You can also mix traditional wine on site to have a taste of the unique tribal brews. Tickets to the above-mentioned DIY workshop are available on 🔗the Accupass platform👈 from October 13th.



n order to give back to the consumers, in addition to the exciting activities, as long as you spend enough in the exhibition area, you can not only redeem for popular products from the featured stores, but also have a chance to enter a raffle to win big prizes!
To find out more about the excellent tours and innovative ways to enjoy the Hualien-Taitung area, visit🔗 the East of Taiwan website👈, or access 🔗the East of Taiwan PWA Mobile Travel Service👈 on your mobile phone. Up in the mountains or down along the coast, be it food, accommodation, sightseeing, shopping, or transportation, the abundant tourism resources and themed activities will be right at your fingertips ready to satisfy your every travel need!


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