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"2023 Taste of Indigenous Cuisines: The Tourney to Tribal Villages" Inviting International Travelers to Explore Authentic Tribal Culinary Culture.

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The East Longitudinal Valley National Scenic Area Headquarters, Tourism Administration, MOTC, has been organizing the “East Rift Valley Festival – Taste of Native Cuisines: The Tourney to Tribal Villages” event for the past 6 years. This year’s event is themed “Myths and Legends,” drawing inspiration from the myths and legends passed down through the generations of various tribes and extracting their core spiritual elements for planning and presentation. 

This year's event includes 5 tribes and 9 sessions. Visitors can not only learn about the myths and legends of these 5 tribes from ancient times but also experience the captivating presentations of different tribes in terms of banquets, cultural sharing, and experiential activities. Among them, the “Uninang Tribe” and the “Alang Ciyakang Tribe,” with the guidance of the Scenic Area Administration, are open to hosting international tourists this year. They offer English audio-guided tours and English menu services, allowing tourists from different countries to intimately experience tribal culture and hospitality.

The "Hunter's Wild Feast" in the Uninang Tribe draws inspiration from the ancient flood myth of the sacred bird “Black Bulbul,” which guided the way with a burning branch, embodying the spirit of “never giving up.” This dedication mirrors that of the “Uninang Rezio Shop,” a family committed to preserving and passing down tribal culture. International travelers who join the tour will embark on a journey from the forest hunting trail to the mountaintop hunting lodge. Along the way, they will immerse themselves in tribal stories and acquire traditional forest skills used by hunters. Finally, at the breathtaking mountaintop hunting lodge, they will savor delicious grilled cuisine and experience the culinary culture and warm hospitality of the Bunun tribe.

The “Alang Ciyakang Tribe,” primarily composed of the Taroko tribespeople, presents the “The Rangah Qhuni Moonlit Feast,” inspired by the traditional “Sun Shooting Legend” legend, offering guests the opportunity to experience the necessary “courage” to overcome challenges. This year, the Alang Ciyakang Tribe will guide international travelers to venture into new experiences they've never encountered before, such as archery, local gathering activities, and tasting the tribal “courage platter” of wild game, immersing themselves in the traditional daily life of the Taroko tribespeople.

This year, there are 4 available sessions for international travelers to register. “Uninang Tribe” will be October 21 and October 22, “Alang Ciyakang Tribe” will be on November 4 and November 5. We welcome international travelers who have an interest in Taiwanese tribal culture to sign up! For detailed information about the activities, please visit the event website or Facebook fan page of the “East Rift Valley Festival.”

🔗Uninang Tribe website 

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