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Taste of Native Cuisines: The Journey to Tribal Villages, Tickets Now Available for Purchase.

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Join in on a journey to learn about indigenous culture in tribal myths and legends.

     The East Longitudinal Valley National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Administration, and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, (hereinafter referred to as the Valley Administration), are launching the East Rift Valley Festival – Taste of Native Cuisines: The Journey to Tribal Villages. It is the sixth year since the festival was first introduced, and this year's events include 9 sessions across 5 indigenous communities. Tickets will be available for purchase on the official website of the East Rift Valley Festival starting from 7:00 PM on Saturday, September 23.
     Director Guo Zhen-Ling of the Valley Administration stated that every year, the festival features a new theme. By exploring various themes, it encourages partners in indigenous communities participating in the dining table event to come up with unique and creative outcomes.

     This year, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the myths and legends of the 5 tribes and gain an understanding of the cultural context of their respective use of different ingredients, such as red glutinous rice, regular glutinous rice, and millet. Through the stories of different indigenous communities, they can experience the fascinating aspects of tribal life, including the content of the meals, cultural sharing, and hands-on activities.


Travel itineraries and dining table events infused with myths and legends, present a profound experience of indigenous lifestyle.


     The Red Glutinous Rice Field Picnic organized by the Tafalong Community will have travelers taste rice balls called Mimi Rice in three different flavors. They can also sign up for a chili pepper wine brewing session and enjoy the tribal specialty, red glutinous rice wine-infused ice cream.


     The Ancestral Spirit Dining Table under Moonlight organized by Ceroh Community will take travelers to make alufo, lover's bag and traditional bamboo cups and enjoy a dinner feast featuring tribal ingredients such as rice, Arrowroot, and kingto bamboo shoots.



     The Hunter's Wild Dining Table organized by the Uninang Community will take travelers on a journey through the forest hunting path all the way to the hunting lodge at the peak. Along the way, they will listen to tribal stories, learn about the traditional skills of hunters in the wilderness, and enjoy a delicious variety of grilled and roasted dishes at the scenic mountain peak hunting lodge.


     Kamcing Community, also a Bunun community, offers travelers to learn about the millet culture and its close relationship with Bunun rituals. In addition, the dining table experience features a combination of nighttime ambience and micro-theater performances, presenting the process of harvesting and cooking millet.


     The festival's new partner, Ciyakang Community that joined the festival last year, with the theme Tree Hole Dining Table under the Moonlight, will lead visiting travelers to practice bravery, encouraging them to try new experiences, such as archery, local foraging, and tasting the tribal courage platter of wild game, allowing them to immerse themselves in the traditional daily life of Truku people.


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