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Penghu National Scenic Area Headquarters



  1. What are the channels for the Penghu National Scenic Area Headquarters to provide travel advisory services to the public?
    Magong Airport Visitor Information Center, Penghu Visitor Center, and all embarkation ports visitor centers provide relevant consultation services on tourism information in the Penghu area, and the service hotline is:
    1. Magong Airport Visitor Information Center   : (06) 9228115
    2. Penghu Visitor Center : (06) 9216445
    3. South Sea Visitor Center   : (06) 9264738
    4. Qitou Visitor Center   : (06) 9931527
    5. North Sea Visitor Center : (06) 9933082
    6. Houliao Visitor Center : (06) 9933437
    7. Jibei Visitor Center:(06) 9931487
    8. Xiaomen Geology Gallery :(06) 9982988
    9. Wang-an Green Turtle Tourism and Conservation Center  :(06) 9991368
    10. Qimei Visitor Center: (06) 9971954

2.  Where can I purchase the publications of the Penghu National Scenic Area Headquarters?

 In addition to purchasing the publications directly from the Recreation Section of the Headquarters (Address: No. 171, Guanghua Lane, Magong City, Penghu County, Tel: 06-9216521), there are two outlets of government publications exhibition and sale in conjunction with the Research and Examination Council of the Executive Yuan, namely, the "Wunan Cultural Plaza" and the "National Bookstore, Songjiang Outlet," the information is as follows:

  • Wunan Cultural Plaza
    Address: No. 6, Zhongshan Road, Taichung City, Taiwan 40042, R.O.C.
    TEL:04-2226-0330 FAX:04-2225-8234
  • National Bookstore Songjiang Outlet
    Address:1F, No.209, Songjiang Road, Taipei City 10485, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    TEL:02-2518-0207 FAX:02-2518-0778
    National Online Bookstore
Last Updated:2024/02/01
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