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Penghu National Scenic Area Headquarters



  1. Development Objective:
    Combine the elements of "Humanities, Cuisine, Beaches, Sports and Landscape" and utilize the traditional history and culture, military historical sites, island landscapes, and ecological resources of the sea and land, and develop Penghu into an "International Tourism and Resort Island" with the "World's Most Beautiful Bay".
  2. Developing innovative tourism themes with local characteristics:
    Based on the existing recreational facilities of sightseeing, discover local tourism characteristics, cooperate cross-region to create innovative local characteristics and tourism themes, gradually expand the connection of tourism points and lines, and improve the quality of services provided by the base points to work toward internationalization. Key themes include bay tourism (North Sea Recreation System), ecological low-carbon tourism (South Sea Recreation System), bicycle tourism (Magong Main Island Recreation System), etc.
  3. Intelligent tourism and intelligent management:
    With the development and popularization of the Internet and mobile devices, it has become more ready and convenient to obtain tourism information and arrange travel. To encourage the information flow service, in addition to the original “Penghu National Scenic Area Headquarters” line@ online keyword query real-time response service, we persevere to optimize the “International Mobile Application Design Service” system, merge with the latest maps, to provide real-time information on local tourism, food, lodging, touring, shopping, and transportation in multi-language version. In addition, we plan to market community highlights and experiential tourism and construct a specialized tourism Website platform for integrated product marketing.
  4. Cooperate with the Superior policy on outlying island construction:
    According to the “Guidelines for Promoting the Sustainable Development of Outlying Islands” and other policies, the publicity of the eco-conservation concept, promotion of eco-tourism through cross-district cooperation to reduce environmental burdens, training Manpower for tourism, and counseling the community for the innovative development of the local tourism industry, etc.

We look forward to the economic development and environmental sustainability can be eclectically combined.

Last Updated:2024/02/01
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