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Penghu National Scenic Area Headquarters



The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) started to survey the Penghu area in the year R.O.C. 79 to establish its potential as a National Scenic Specific Area, set up the "Penghu Scenic Specific Area Management and Preparation Office" in February, of the year R.O.C. 80.

To coordinate with the Southern Taiwan Regional Plan, the year R.O.C. 90 was taken as the target year for the plan to research and prepare the "Penghu Sightseeing Development Plan" was then approved by the Executive Yuan in the Executive Yuan on Feb. 20, the year R.O.C. 81 with Letter No.06161 of the Taiwanese (81) Jiaotong-Zi, according to the Letter the "Penghu Scenic Specific Area Tourism and Recreation Construction Plan" was promoted.

According to Letter of Ministry of Transportation and Communications (81) No. 10941 dated April 13, the year of R.O.C. 81, the scope of operation and management of Penghu National Scenic Area was formally delineated, Penghu National Scenic Area Administration (hereafter referred to as the Penghu Administration) was officially established in July, the year of R.O.C. 84 to carry out the management and supervision of the related undertakings in the scenic area in the hope of effectively utilizing the resources to promote the redevelopment of Penghu's regional economy, to enhance the added value of the industry, and to alleviate the demand of the domestic tourists and with the overall goal of "to build Penghu as a world-class sightseeing and recreational marine vacation park" as the general objective for the overall development.

Last Updated:2024/01/12
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