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East Coast National Scenic Area Headquarters



Assistant Director
Senior Engineer
Planning Section
Engineering Section
Management Section
Recreation Section
Torik Visitor Center
Personnel Office
Accounting Office
Hualien Service Station
Halien visitor center
Xibulan Visitor Center Reopens
Xiuguluan River Visitor Center
Green Island Service Station
Green Island visitor center
Taitung Service Station
Xiaoyeoliu visitor center
Samxiatai Visitor Center
Baxian Cave Visitor Center

The East Coast National Scenic Area Headquarters, Tourism Administration, M.O.T.C. has an organized system that is comprised of a director, assistant director, secretary, and Senior Engineer. There are four sections under them, namely the Planning Section, Engineering Section, Management Section, and Recreation Section, Hualien Service Station, Taitung Service Station, Green Island Station and Security Guard Unit. There are two center under Recreation Section, the Torik Visit Center and Amis Folk Center. There are three visit centers under Haulien Service Center including Hualien Visitor Center, Xibulan Visitor Center Reopensand Xiuguluan River Visitor Center. There are three visitor centers under Taitung Service Center including Baxian Cave Visitor Center, Smxiatai Visitor Center, Xiaoyeoliu Visitor Center. There is a Green Island Visitor Center under the Green Island Service Station.

Last Updated:2024/01/22
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