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Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Headquarters



Planning Section
Business Responsibilities
  • Surveying and planning tourism resources.
  • Proposal and implementation of the National Scenic Area Plan.
  • Encourage public and private organizations to invest in the construction and operation of tourism, accommodation and recreational facilities in the national scenic area; investment promotion of public facilities for tourism services in the jurisdiction.
  • Research and statistics on tourism and recreation information.
  • Management of information operations and maintenance of information security.
  • Handles various land acquisition and land use cases in the national scenic area.
  • Collection, research, arrangement and compilation of relevant laws and regulations.
  • Research and drafting of national scenic area control regulations.
  • Processing of construction planning controls and construction application cases.
  • Other planning-related matters.


Telephone and fax
  • Telephone:(049)285-5668#1215
  • Fax:(049)285-5593
Engineering Section
Business Responsibilities
  • Planning of construction projects.
  • Surveying, measuring and design of construction projects.
  • Outsourcing, construction and supervision of construction projects.
  • Planting and greenery related matters
  • Beautification and maintenance of recreational sites and public facilities.
  • Natural disaster remedial projects.
  • Other related engineering matters.


Telephone and fax
  • Telephone:(049)285-5668#1225
  • Fax:(049)285-5593
Management Section
Business Responsibilities
  • Responsible for the operation and management of the jurisdiction and coordination of external transportation.
  • Maintenance of tourism resources and specific ecological, geological, landscape and water resources.
  • Contacts and coordination between national scenic area management business and management stations.
  • The maintenance and management of tourism order, environmental cleanliness, and tourism safety within the jurisdiction.
  • Processing violations of laws and regulations within the jurisdiction.
  • Liaison and coordination with the local police.
  • Other management related matters.


Telephone and fax
  • Telephone:(049)285-5668#1235
  • Fax:(049)285-5593
Recreation Section
Business Responsibilities
  • Planning, promotion and execution of tourism and recreational events.
  • Assistance in promoting and marketing regional tourism resources.
  • Planning, design and production of recreational and guiding tour facilities.
  • Compilation and printing of tourism, recreation and guided tour promotional materials.
  • Training and management of recreation and guided tour volunteers.
  • Other recreation related matters.


Telephone and fax
  • Telephone:(049)285-5668#1246
  • Fax:(049)285-5593
Secretariat Office
Business Responsibilities
  • Seal keeping and management of documents and files.
  • Management of cashiers, property, construction and maintenance, procurement and other work.
  • Liaising with the Legislature, policy planning, research, implementation and management of media public relations.
  • Management of maintenance workers (including technicians and drivers).
  • Matters not administered by other sections, offices, or management stations.


Telephone and fax
  • Telephone:(049)285-5668#1254
  • Fax:(049)285-5591
Personnel Office
Business Responsibilities
  • Matters relating to the formulation of personnel regulations.
  • Investigation and proposals related to qualification screening cases requested by employees.
  • Employee related attendance records and training preparation.
  • Preparations for performance rating and performance evaluation of employees.
  • Processing of employee insurance and pensions and benefit planning.
  • Employee appointments, promotions and transfers, rewards and punishments, and other personnel registration matters.
  • Processing employee pay rate related matters.
  • Recommendations on conducting examinations for required personnel in accordance with the law.
  • Personnel investigation and collection of statistical data.
  • Other personnel management related matters.

Telephone and fax
  • Telephone:(049)285-5668#1270
  • Fax:(049)285-5591
Accounting Office
Business Responsibilities
  • Collection and preparation of revenue and expenditure computations, estimates and related information.
  • Budget allocation and execution matters.
  • Preparation and presentation of accounting reports.
  • Fund reviews, receipt and expenditure certificate storage and reporting matters.
  • Cash, bills and property inspection related matters.
  • Supervision of engineering project maintenance and property purchases.
  • Accounting personnel management.
  • Other matters related to budgeting, accounting and statistics.

Telephone and fax
  • Telephone:(049)285-5668#1260
  • Fax:(049)285-5591
Management stations
Business Responsibilities
  • Execution of tour services and guided tours.
  • Executing maintenance and management of tourism order, environmental cleanliness and tourism safety.
  • Management and maintenance of public facilities for tourism services.
  • Conservation of tourism resources; maintenance of ecological, geological, landscape and water resources.
  • Emergency relief related matters.
  • Other matters designated by the Headquarters.


Telephone and fax
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