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Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Headquarters



Deputy Director
Senior Specialist
Planning Section
Engineering Section
Management Section
Recreation Section
Xiangshan Visitor Center
Secretariat Office
Personnel Office
Accounting Office
Checheng Management Station
Checheng Visitor Center
Puli Management Station
Puli Visitor Center
Ita Thao Management Station
Ita Thao Visitor Center

The director of the headquarters is responsible for overall work, including directing and supervising those under him or her; the deputy director assists the director in these tasks.

The supervisors of Sections and Offices and Management Station heads under the headquarters conduct business as directed by the director and deputy director.

Secretaries, senior specialists, specialists, associate technical specialists, officers, junior technical specialists, clerks, and associate clerks under the headquarters are assigned work tasks by senior managers.

Last Updated:2024/01/18
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