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Come to Dapeng Bay in spring 2024. Join the crowds at Qingzhou Village Party

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Qingzhou Village is the venue for "2024 Qingzhou Village Party," taking advantage of the black sand beach for the first time to create two sand sculptures as a warm up for this year's Wangye Worshipping Ceremony; there will also be beach football matches, a concert, market and a kite performance. Visitors are invited to come together to feel the passion of Dapeng Bay, watch the waves, search for delicious food and sway to the music.

Forty Pingtung tourism operators have come together to build a "winter beach lifestyle brand"; 15 large kites designed with ocean elements will be displayed in conjunction with the Asian Kite-Forum; the concert has invited Fire EX. and Xiaoyu as featured performers; the first Dapeng Bay Cup beach football competition will also be held.

The Qingzhou Village Party is the first event of the year, and will be followed by a marathon, Dapeng Bay Marine Festival, a cycling event and a triathlon. Everyone is invited to come to Dapeng Bay and go sightseeing.

For more event information, you can visit the 2024 Qingzhou Village Party website or check on the Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Headquaters Fanpage.

2024 Qingzhou Village Party

2024 Qingzhou Village Party Stage

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