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Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Headquarters


Management Scope

Donggang Town and Linbian Township in Pingtung County are bound by Provincial Highway No. 17 and Pingtung County Highway No. 63 to the north, and Linbian Township to the east by the existing drainage embankment, Pingtung County 128 and Pingtung 128-1 County highways. It is bound by the sea area starting about 600 meters from the coastal high tide line to the south, and the Donggang Township residential line connecting to Xingou in Donggang to the west. The designated scenic area covers a total area of 1,438.4 hectares, including a land area of 649.3 hectares, a water area of 532.1 hectares, and a sea area of 257 hectares.
In order to comply with public opinion in Liuqiu and promote tourism, Liuqiu was included in the plan, the scope of which extends 600 meter outward from the coastal high tide line based on an MOTC announcement.
Last Updated:2024/01/16
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