2018 Year of Bay Tourism

In line with the global trend of sustainable tourism development, the Tourism Bureau is promoting the "Tourism 2020—Taiwan Sustainable Tourism Development Plan." It has also designated travel themes for each year between 2017 to 2020, including the "Year of Bay Tourism" in 2018.

Under the "Explore Taiwan 10+ Islands" brand, the Tourism Bureau is enhancing the environment and services for bay tourism in Taiwan to develop island ecotourism. This program involves three travel themes to generate interest and attract international visitors to Taiwan and invigorate the domestic tourism market.

The Tourism Bureau is also promoting cross-platform cooperation to realize synergies under a tourism model combining travel to the main island of Taiwan and its outlying islands. Such cooperation involves environmental improvement, resource inventory, product packaging, travel safety advocacy, promotion, and marketing. Unique seasonal local events related to Taiwan and ocean tourism have been selected for brand building and development. Such efforts bring together government and industry resources to continue attracting visitors to Taiwan and invigorate the domestic travel market. The program promotes a relationship of coexistence and co-prosperity between "resources and visitors" and "environment and industry" to enhance overall revenue and added value in Taiwan's tourism industry.