Tourism 2020-Taiwan Sustainable Tourism Development Plan

The Tourism Bureau continues to build Taiwan's tourism brand through a program involving five strategies and 21 implementation plans aimed at creating an innovative, sustainable, localized, and happy industry, diversifying and adding value in the tourism industry, and providing a safe environment to fulfill tourism social responsibility goals and make Taiwan an important "friendly, smart, and experiential" tourist destination in Asia.

Expanding and diversifying markets
  • Continue focused and precision marketing to target markets and customer segments.
  • Develop local, in-depth, diverse, and unique travel products with high-profile international activities throughout the year to draw visitors from around the world to local attractions.
  • Expand cooperation with the Asian Cruise Cooperation and use incentive mechanisms for combined air-sea travel to diversify and grow the cruise tourism market.
Reinvigorating domestic travel
  • Expand promotion of the "Time for Celebration—Taiwan Tourism Events" plan, strengthen city marketing, and promote unique tourism activities.
  • Continue the New National Travel Card System and encourage National Travel Card merchants to accept mobile payments and expand payment locations.
  • Implement rolling reviews and stronger advocacy of travel safety and optimize industry management and visitor education systems.
Guiding industry transformation
  • Guide the industry to accelerate branding, e-commerce development, and service optimization.
  • Review and relax industry-related administrative laws and regulations to heighten business flexibility and support youth entrepreneurship.
  • Strengthen training for key personnel and guides fluent in less common languages, reform examination and licensing systems, and promote a new tour guide system incorporating local guides.
Developing smart tourism
  • Establish a big data database integrating tourism industry information networks to strengthen information applications and travel behavior analysis and assist the industry in developing value-added application services.
  • Expand the promotion and service scope of the revised and upgraded "Taiwan Pass" program.
  • Continue to enhance the quality of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle, Taiwan Tour Bus, and Information Station services.
Promoting experiential tourism
  • Develop island ecotourism through promotion of "2018 Year of Bay Tourism."
  • Implement the "Cross-border Spotlight and Characteristic Value Plan" and start preparatory work for the "Bayside Town and Tourism Development Plan."
  • Implement the "Medium-term Construction Plan for Major Tourist Sites" to create national scenic areas that each have one distinguishing feature and build a friendly environment for people of all ethnicities.