Travel Safety and Accident Response

Arranged focal activities for Travel Safety Awareness Week during the third week of March during 2017. We will arrange similar events during this week in the future. Travel safety management rules and prevention mechanisms were established at three levels to achieve effective accident prevention, accident response, and post-accident control.

Regulatory System

The Regulations Governing the Administration of Travel Agencies were amended to stipulate that travel agencies and their assigned service personnel must comply with the requirement to explain and demonstrate safe tour bus evacuation when using tour buses for transportation and imposing stiffer penalties for violations.
The Regulations Governing the Administration of Travel Agencies were amended to reduce information asymmetry between travelers and operators and enhance the transparency of tourism product information. The revised regulations also encourage travel agencies and tour bus operators to work together to ensure travel safety.
The Tourism Bureau announced the drafting of the "Mandatory and Prohibitory Provisions of Leasing Contracts of Tourist Buses for Travel Agencies," clearly specifying the right and obligation relations of travel agencies and tour bus operators.


The Tourism Bureau forwarded to travel agencies a list of tour bus operators receiving outstanding, grade C, and grade D results in the most recent two assessments by the Directorate General of Highways as a reference for tour bus hiring. This information was also published on the Tourism Administration Information System.
Assistance was provided to travel industry associations for including emergency and accident response handling in education and training courses for industry personnel.
The Tourism Bureau produced brochures to remind travelers about tour bus travel safety matters.
In conjunction with the Directorate General of Highways, the Tourism Bureau requested that travel agencies ask tour bus operators to link with the Directorate General of Highways’ tour bus GPS information platform.


The Tourism Bureau strengthened guidance to travel agencies on indicating the name and assessment rating of the tour bus operators used for their tours.
The bureau included the aforementioned regulations governing travel agencies and tour guides as key audit items and required travel agencies to retain such audit records for one year for future reference.
Joint audits were conducted at popular tourist attractions in conjunction with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the Ministry of Labor, Directorate General of Highways, Consumer Protection Committee of the Executive Yuan, National Police Agency and other related agencies to comprehensively rectify tourism market.
Channels were provided for reporting complaints regarding unreasonable or high-risk tours.