Implementation of Tech-based Services

Travel Information Services

Front-line services at international gateways

Provided consulting services in various languages and displayed a variety of promotional materials for visitors.

Taiwan Tourist Information Website

Provided Chinese, English, Japanese, and Spanish language versions of the mobile website. ( )

Developed the "our Taiwan" APP

Provided more than 60,000 adaptive location-based services with travel information on attractions, accommodations, food, transportation, and accident response.

i-center Travel Service System

Objective: Provide travel information and professional consulting services to create a friendly and convenient travel environment.
Expand service network: Provide guidance local governments and national scenic area administrations under the Tourism Bureau in gradually installing various types of "i" logo service centers.
Achievements: There are 107 i-center service locations throughout Taiwan, including three international airport centers, 52 visitor information centers, and 52 visitor centers.

i-center Service Locations(2017)

Held a presentation on the results of the 2017 i-center Tourism Service System Service Quality Improvement Program

Information Stations

Principles: Develop diversified services according to the locality and rooted in the Taiwanese "Ask me" spirit of hospitality.
Service promotion:
  • Assisted local specialty product stores, homestays, travel agencies, tourism factories, museums, police stations, and other units in providing localized travel information and basic consulting services.
  • Integrated local transportation information through search portals and travel apps to create local travel information platforms.
  • Provided free WiFi and Chinese, English, and Japanese language mobile websites so FIT visitors from other countries can conveniently download walking maps for the areas around Information Stations.
Achievements: More than 350 Information Stations had been established by the end of 2017.
Held a press conference to promote innovative travel services at Information Stations

Travel Tech Value-Added Applications

The Tourism Bureau Established the Taiwan Tourism Information Database. The database contains more than 17,000 tourism-related geographic information system (GIS) records freely available to the industry in an open format without need for application.
The bureau proposed a "park queuing service" for amusement parks offering on-site, real-time reservations and advance notification to resolve queuing problems. In 2017, parking search, restaurant reservation and order services were added. Amusement park visitor behavior tracking was also developed through the Beacon deployment plan in conjunction with big data analysis to facilitate the development of smart tourism.
3D virtual reality videos and 360-degree panoramic video clips on Taiwan tourism attractions were produced using cutting-edge video technology.
The Tourism Bureau produced AR films on the natural landscapes of Taiwan to bring earth science knowledge alive in an easily understandable form and promote in-depth travel.