Guidance and Administration of the Tourism Industry

Travel Agencies

Current Status

Unit: No. of Travel Agencies
Consolidated Class-A Class-B Total
Year HQ Branch HQ Branch HQ Branch HQ Branch
130 453 2,433 382 216 2 2,779 837
136 467 2,545 382 232 3 2,913 852
134 472 2,630 377 254 1 3,018 850

Guidance to Enhance Tourism Industry Competitiveness

The Tourism Bureau continued to promote the Directions Governing Awards and Subsidies of Tourism Bureau, MOTC for the Brand-building of Travel Agencies to promote the transformation and upgrading of travel agencies and help agencies to brand operations. The bureau provided subsidies for CPA-certified financial reports, loan interest, and the development of tours for seniors, T.Q. Golden Award tours, barrier-free tours, and online operations. In 2017, such subsidies amounted to NT$8,883,446 and achieved an implementation rate of 98.70%.

        The Tourism Bureau also arranged or subsidized the arrangement of training courses for travel agency employees and tour leaders. The courses covered developments in tourism itinerary planning, consumer behavior, tourism policies and regulations, and other areas to help agency personnel keep abreast of industry trends.


The Tourism Bureau held regular meetings on travel transaction security audits. It also formed a Travel Transaction Security Audit Committee with related travel industry associations to conduct on-site inspections of travel agencies with business anomalies to ensure transaction security. The major work of the audit committee was as follows:

Monitoring banknote data through the Taiwan Clearing House and proactively identifying financially-troubled travel agencies.
Screening and inspecting travel agencies with poor records and discovering business anomalies early to reduce the frequency of harmful transaction security incidents.

Consumer Rights Protection

In 2017, a total of 1,136 consumer dispute cases were received (including travel disputes and appeals and guidance to members of the Travel Quality Assurance Association, R.O.C. in mediation of travel disputes and appeals), of which 727 cases were settled.
A "Consumer Protection" page was set up on the Tourism Bureau website. This page presents basic data and insurance information on licensed travel agencies and licensed tour leaders, tour guides, and travel agency personnel. It also discloses, by law, information on businesses with violations (e.g. businesses that have been fined for violations, had their license revoked, or been listed by the Taiwan Clearing House for rejected accounts).

Hotel Industry

Current Status

Overview of Hotel Industry Operations in 2017
Category No. of Hotels No. of Rooms
Tourist Hotels International Tourist Hotels 79 hotel 22,580 room
General Tourist Hotels 47 hotel 6,773 room
General Hotels 3,277 hotel 157,741 room
Homestays 7,793 hotel 31,581 room
Total 11,196 hotel 218,675 room
In 2017, business licenses were issued for eight tourist hotels with 1,472 rooms and a total investment of NT$12.516 billion.
In 2017, a total of 749 homestay businesses were registered.

Management Implementation

Unscheduled and Routine Inspections of Tourist Hotels: Routine inspections were conducted at 35 tourist hotels and 23 unscheduled joint inspections were conducted at tourist hotels.
Hotel and Homestay Audits: The Tourism Bureau conducted 4,373 hotel audits and 4,411 homestay audits.

Enhancing Service and Facility Quality

Assistance was provided to two tourist hotels to improve barrier-free facilities.
Three hotels received interest rate subsidies totaling NT$161 million under a preferential loan program to encourage the upgrading of the tourism industry.
A total of 20 hotels received subsidies under the Guidelines for Tourism Bureau, MOTC Subsidies to Encourage the Upgrading of the Tourist Hotel Industry and Hotel Quality.

Certification Assistancen

In 2017, 20 hotels and homestays received subsides totaling NT$ 764,926 to help them obtain HACCP, Hot Spring Mark, Green Mark, and other certifications.

Tourist Amusement Enterprises

Current Status

In 2017, Taiwan had 26 licensed and operational tourist amusement enterprises, of which 24 were classified as major investment projects and two were classified as minor investment projects.

Operating Status of Licensed and Operational Tourist Amusement Enterprises

  • Formosa Fun Coast was closed on June 30, 2015
  • Shenqucun was closed on July 1, 2016

Establishment Inspections

The Regulation for the Management of Tourist Amusement Enterprises were appended with the following provisions to strengthen control and planning review of the construction schedule for tourist amusement enterprises business establishment:

The development schedule of the approved business plan shall not be changed more than two times.
Failure to carry out construction within the approved time limit shall render the approval of establishment null and void.

Operation and Management

Rolling reviews were conducted of relevant regulations to strengthen mechanisms for tourism recreation safety management:

Amendments to the Regulation for the Management of Tourist Amusement Enterprises were promoted to protect consumer rights through announcement of information and stronger administrative supervision.
The Tourism Bureau reviewed and amended the Key Points on Inspection of the Operations, Management, and Safety Maintenance and Supervision and Evaluation Competition at Tourist Amusement Enterprises to implement a three-level management mechanism and protect consumer rights. The amended key points took effect on January 1, 2018.
From July 10 - August 15, 2017 the parties gathered to discuss expanding Central and Local Government supervision and evaluation (a total of 22 participants).

Supervision and Evaluation Competition

13 Outstanding
  • Window on China Theme Park
  • Little Ding-Dong Science Theme Park
  • Leofoo Village Theme Park
  • West Lake Resortopia
  • Lihpao Land
  • Janfusun Fancyworld
  • Atayal Resort
  • Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village
  • Shanlinxi Forest Recreation Area
  • Leopard King Safari Zoo
  • Jianshanpi Jiangnan Resort
  • E-Da World
  • Farglory Ocean Park
4 Excellent
  • Yehliu Ocean World
  • Shangrila Paradise
  • Dongshi Forest Garden
  • Kentington Resort

Certification Assistance

9 Participants
  • Yun Hsien Holiday Resort
  • Window on China Theme Park
  • Little Ding-Dong Science Theme Park
  • West Lake Resortopia
  • Dongshi Forest Garden
  • Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village
  • Shanlinxi Forest Recreation Area
  • Janfusun Fancyworld
  • Jianshanpi Jiangnan Resort
6 Participants
  • Window on China Theme Park
  • Leofoo Village Theme Park
  • West Lake Resortopia
  • Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village
  • Janfusun Fancyworld
  • Yiyuan Resort
2 Participants
  • Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village
  • Window On China Theme Park

Industry Training

Two industry development and professional training classes were held to help tourist amusement enterprises improve management and quality.

  • Objective
  • Date
  • Target Group

Workshop/Course Title

Workshop for Seed Instructor Training on Mechanical Ride Safety and Emergency Medical Care at Tourist Amusement Enterprises

Grassroots personnel
Promotion of safety education

Workshop/Course Title

Education and Training to Upgrade the Quality of Tourist Amusement Enterprises

Middle and upper management
Middle and upper management

Integrated Marketing

Domestic travel market—"2017 Overall Annual Marketing and Promotion Planning and Implementation Project for Tourist Amusement Enterprises": This project covered theme activities and promotion press conferences, establishing self-media platforms, production of promotional materials, and issuance of press releases to publicize promotional activities.

International promotion—"2017 Tourist Amusement Enterprise Cross-Industry Cooperation and Marketing Project": Eleven tourist amusement enterprises arranged promotions in target markets and held cross-industry cooperation meetings. In addition, Vietnamese and Thai media and internet celebrities were invited to Taiwan for FAM tours.

Invited Vietnamese and Thai media and internet celebrities to Taiwan for a tourism and travel-study season FAM tour
Held a joint marketing press conference for the summer holiday 2017 Taiwan Amusement Park 1+1 Love in Paradise activity

Education, Training, and Talent Development in the Tourism Industry

Enhancing Professional Knowledge and Ability Objective

Upper Management Workshop

64 No. of Participants

Improving human resource quality and service standards

Middle Management Training

8 Sessions

396 No. of Participants

Upgrading management and operating skills

Training for Grassroots Hotel Personnel

25 Sessions

2,175 No. of Participants

Improving human resource quality and service standards

Workshop on Training of Trainers

34 No. of Participants

Strengthening necessary training planning and implementation skills of training employees and supervisors

Homestay Education and Training

6 Sessions

870 No. of Participants

Improving service standards
Weekly hotel employee "training of trainers" workshops

Tourism Professional Training

To ensure the quality of travel services, the Tourism Bureau arranged pre-employment training for tour guides and tour managers in collaboration with the Ministry of Examination. Training was provided for 1,227 tour guides and 2,695 tour managers. The bureau also arranged specialized training to enhance the professional abilities and legal knowledge of tourism industry managers. A total of 207 trainees were certified as professional tourism managers.

Training to Support the New Southbound Policy

To build capacity for tour guides to receive and serve the growing numbers of Southeast Asian visitors to Taiwan, the Tourism Bureau arranged training programs aimed at new immigrants to Taiwan, overseas Taiwanese, and foreign students for "Tour Guides Who Speak Rarely Spoken Languages in Taiwan" and "Licensing for Tour Guides Who Speak Rarely Spoken Languages in Taiwan." In 2017, about 200 people attended each of these programs and joined the tourism industry as assistant translators for foreign-language guides.
In 2017, about 200 participants in the Rare Language Tour Guide Licensing programs also received assistance in registering for foreign-language guide examinations.
Rare Language Tour Guide Licensing program
"Tour Guides Who Speak Rarely Spoken Languages in Taiwan" Training Program

Fostering an International Perspective among Key Personnel

The Tourism Bureau implemented selection and training affairs related to meet the training needs and expand the international perspective of tourism industry talent. In 2017, a total of 61 senior managers received training overseas and 538 middle managers also received training.

Senior Management Training Programs (2017)

  • Focus

Hotels and Tourist Hotels Tokyo and Hakone, Japan

Visits to international brand hotels and specialty hotels to learn about human resources and service management

Senior Management Training Programs — Hakone,Japan exchange visit
31 No. of Participants

Self-planned Malaysia

Muslim tourism

1 No. of Participants

Travel Agents Singapore

Innovative tourism models, e-commerce, and human resource management

Senior Management Training Programs —Travel Agents
15 No. of Participants

Travel Agents Australia

Innovative tourism models, e-commerce, and human resource management

Senior Management Training Programs —Travel Agents
15 No. of Participants

Tourist Amusement Enterprises Los Angeles and San Diego, USA

Study visits to international brand hotels and specialty hotels to learn about human resources and service management

14 No. of Participants