Development and Management of Tourism Resources

Tourism Resource Development and Management Projects

The Tourism Bureau helped local governments to develop international tourism and recreation spotlights under two sub-projects of the "Medium Term Cross-Area Spotlight and Specialty Value-Added Project" (2015-2018).

Specialty Value-Added Project

In 2017, the Tourism Bureau budgeted NT$1.163 billion to implement the "Visitor Attraction Value-Added Project." The project provided subsidies to local governments to add value, enhance development, and integrate specialty features at existing scenic spots. Such efforts included the Danlan Historic Trail Restoration and Tourism Development in Northern Taiwan Project, lakeside landscaping improvements at Longtan Lake, the Hutoushan Park and Environmental Protection Park Travel Route and Space Renovation Project, Qingshui Geothermal Environment Improvement Project, Yutengping Recreation Area Service Facilities Improvement Project, improvement of walking trails in Qingjing, and development of spaces at the Qixingtan Scenic Area.

Restoration of the century-old Danlan Historic Trail in northern Taiwan

Cross-Area Spotlight Project

In 2017, the Tourism Bureau helped six local governments to promote the Cross-Area Spotlight Project and create new tourism and recreation spotlights. (The figure shown below)

Cross-Area Spotlight Project

  • Project
  • Themes
  • Goals

Taoyuan City

  • Shihmen Reservoir and Dahan River Basin Cross-Area Spotlight Project
  • Sports, ecology, culture, and green energy
  • Revival of Shimen Reservoir and Dahan River

Hsinchu City

  • Hsinchu Park Regeneration Cross-Area Spotlight Project
  • Zoo and Hsinchu Park
  • Creating living spaces appropriate for children's growth

Miaoli County

  • Charming Escapes: International Slow Town, Old Mountain Line Spotlight Project
  • Rail Bike
  • Revival of the Taiwan Railway Old Mountain Line

Changhua County

  • Qingshui Forests, Happiness in the Southeast
  • Camping, barbecue jungle adventures, family adventure education, and scouting
  • Creating the Qingshuiyan Recreation Area

Yunlin County

  • Discovering Yunlin along Provincial Highway 3
  • One hub, two cores, five theme tours
  • Creating a new showcase for ecotourism along Provincial Highway 3

Chayi County

  • Cloud Bridge∙Art of Tea∙Meishan Station
  • Meishan Transfer Station
  • Developing Four Season Tea Town linked with the Taiping Suspension Bridge

Development and Management of National Scenic Areas

Tourism resources can be roughly divided into the two categories of cultural tourism resources and natural tourism resources. Taiwan has abundant natural tourism resources that are separately managed by various agencies. The Tourism Bureau administers 13 national scenic areas. It also cooperates with agencies at all levels in the planning, preservation, and management of tourism resources under different jurisdictions.

Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area

Nanya Rocks

Planning and Construction

  • Developed the environment and landscape around the Yanliao and Fulong Recreation Areas.
  • Established new recreational activities in the Yilan area.
  • Enhanced visitor attractions at mountain and coastal recreation systems in New Taipei City.
  • Promoted service systems at recreation areas on the Yilan coast.

Operations and Management

  • The 2017 i-center Travel Service Quality Enhancement Project earned first place in Level 3.
  • Training courses on the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council formed by the United Nations (UN) Environment Programme, UN Foundation, UN World Tourism Organization, and Rainforest Alliance were held in support of the 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

Advertising and Promotion

  • The scenic area was ranked as a "Top 100 Sustainable Destination in 2017," the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.
  • Held the 2017 Taiwan Cycling Festival and 2017 Cycling Around the Northeast and Yilan Coast cycling activities.
  • Celebrated the 60th anniversary of Fulong Beach.
  • The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Golden Fulong Route added a stop at Yanliao and launched four tour packages this year.
Top 100 Sustainable Destination in 2017

East Coast National Scenic Area

Planning and Construction

  • Initial Planning: Carried out a participatory planning project for the East Coast's overall tourism features and sustainable development and conducted a basic survey of marine and cetacean ecology.
  • Public Works: 36 projects were completed over the year to improve recreation services and facilities.

Operation and Management

  • Won the First Line Service Agency Award in the Executive Yuan's Ninth Government Quality Service Award in 2017.
  • Won the Excellence Award in the Tourism Bureau's 2017 Visitor Center Supervision, Assessment, and Service Evaluation.
  • Jointly arranged information station services with the Qielan Fishing Port Inspection Office and Water Running Up Tribal Market.
  • Promoted environmental education and the geopark in Xiaoyeliu and carried out the "East Coast Xiaoyeliu Geopark 2017-2018 Tourism Promotion Plan."
2017 Xiuguluan River Rafting Triathlon

Advertising and Promotion

  • Promoted the operations of the East Coast Indigenous Tourism Industry Alliance platform.
  • Partnered with France's Audax Club Parisien (ACP) to launch internationally certified cycling competitions.
  • Held the 2017 Taiwan East Coast Land Festival and Moonlight Sea Music Festival.
  • Participated in the Travel Revolution Fair in Singapore in conjunction with the New Southbound Policy.
2017 Taiwan East Coast Land Festival and Moonlight Sea Music Festival

East Rift Valley National Scenic Area

Liushishi (Sixty Stone) Mountain with the blooming of daylilies

Planning and Construction

  • Carried out projects to improve services and facilities at major international and domestic attractions.
  • Created an accessible and travel friendly environment at the scenic area.
  • Carried out environmental improvement projects to optimize the Eastern Taiwan Bikeway Network.
  • Planned landscaping and service spaces at tourism hubs in the East Rift Valley, conducted overall planning for public facilities at Liyutan, and completed other early phase planning and design work.

Operations and Management

  • Installed warning signs and barriers in dangerous areas.
  • Strengthened safety management measures at paddle boat and air sport venues.
  • Three courses on wetland purification, traditional Amis culture and folk plant applications, and night observation were held at environmental education facilities in the Liyutan Scenic Area.
  • Developed innovative public inspections systems and promoted the "Mobile Tourist Info" service.
2017 East Rift Valley Skylight Carnival

Advertising and Promotion

  • Hosted the Taiwan Fun on the Tropic of Cancer: Summer Solstice with the Stars, 2017 Taiwan Cycling Festival: East Rift Valley Biking Carnival—Let's Go Picnic, 2017 Hualien International Triathlon, and 2017 East Rift Valley Marathon.
  • Developed the Bikeway Chocolate souvenir gift. The chocolates were shaped like joined tectonic plates, turning cold geological knowledge into a warming edible treat.
  • Promotion of indigenous tours: Held tribal empowerment classes, developed cultural and creative products, and planned 11 in-depth tours and ecotours according to demand.
2017 East Rift Valley Biking Carnival

Penghu National Scenic Area

Qimei Twin-Hearts Stone Weir

Tourism Development

  • Improved scenic site facilities at Yuanyang Cave in Wang'an.
  • Renovated facilities at Magong and Huxi Recreation Areas.
  • Renovated Houliao Floating Dock and Chikan Wharf.
Improved scenic site facilities at Yuanyang Cave in Wang'an

Operations and Management

  • Promoted environmental cleanup activities at Houliao Beach in conjunction with the "Million Acts of Green Taiwan" campaign and at Beiliao Recreation Area under the National Campaign to Clean Up Our Homeland, as well as coastal clean up activities at the Twin-Hearts Stone Weir in Qimei.
  • Announced the "Prohibited Activities in the Beiliao to Chiyu Land Linked Island ("Moses Parts the Sea") Area" and control measures.
Promoted environmental clean up activities at Houliao Beach

Advertising and Promotion

  • Arranged cycling guide services and held the First Tourism Cup Table Tennis Games, 2017 Yuwengdao Lighthouse 101K Bicycle Race, 2017 Warm Winter in Penghu and Healthy Swim Event, and 2017 Gaillardia Island—Penghu Cross-sea Marathon.
  • The Tourism Bureau's Singapore office invited Indian media to shoot a promotional video introducing Penghu, setting the stage for Penghu to host the 2018 World Congress of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World.
  • Seasonal Promotions: Summer: 2017 Taiwan Fun on the Tropic of Cancer~Hujing Chase the Sun Music Festival; Autumn: 2017 Penghu Autumn Festival—Penghu Seafood Festival; Winter: 2017 Penghu Lantern Festival Qigui Ceremony.
2017 Gaillardia Island—Penghu Cross-sea Marathon

Matsu National Scenic Area

Blue Tears

Planning and Construction

  • Assisted the Dongju Community Association in holding the 2017 Experiential Tourism: Brightening up the Village—Dongju Region Professional Services Project.
  • Signed the "Blue Tears Community Convention" to promote sustainable tourism.
  • Promotion of Matsu Geopark operations and management: The geopark continued to deepen environmental education exchanges for school-age children and hosted two seminars on ecology and international tourism.
  • Arranged subsidy programs to improve locally distinctive buildings and improve recreational facilities in the Matsu area.

Operation and Management

  • Conducted an emergency management information cloud (EMIC) drill with the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Held the Matsu Tern Watching Tour: an international activity held as part of the Taiwan Tourism Events. The tour was included in the Min-An No. 2 drills.
  • Updated road signs and scenic site guide signs (including braille signs) in response to an increase in FIT and international visitors.
  • Managed the "Go Go Matsu" Facebook page.

Advertising and Promotion

  • Held the 2017 Blue Tear Music Concert, First Matsu Triathlon, Third Matsu International Marathon, and 2017 Tern Watching and Viewing Matsu from the Sea activity.
  • Held the Matsu FAM tour for Haixi travel agencies in conjunction with the Lienchiang County Government.
  • The promotional video "Tears in Blue" filmed in 2017 won the Tourism Destination award at the ART & TUR International Tourism Film Festival in Portugal.
Tern watching in Matsu

North Coast & Guanyinshan National Scenic Area

Planning and Construction

  • International Scenic Sites: Heping Island Park in Keelung, Jingshui'ao at Waimushan Recreation Area in Keelung, and Shitoushan Park in Jinshan.
  • Domestic Scenic Sites: Wanli, Jinshan, and the North Coast Bikeway.
Landscape improvements at Heping Island Park in Keelung

Operations and Management

  • Improved recreation services and facilities and promoted a universal design tourism environment.
  • Continued to promote beach and mountain area clean-up activities, earning praise from the Executive Yuan. The number of people participating in the activities reached record highs in 2017: 30,393 people joined 652 beach cleanup activities and 2,277people participated in 60 mountain cleanup activities.
  • New Taipei City presented the 2017 Public Restroom Gold Award for restroom facilities at the Jinshan Visitor Center, Zhongshan Park Parking Lot, Yehliu Geopark Visitor Center, and Guihou Parking Lot.
  • Assistance was provided for formation of the Green Reef Protection Volunteer Team to protect the Laomei Green Reef.
  • Established a contingency operations plan and communication network in preparation for natural disasters, formed the North Coast drowning prevention network, and established a "Dynamic Hydraulic Model of Rip Currents at Baishawan."
Guanyin Mountain cleanup activity

Advertising and Promotion

  • Revised the "Baishawan—Linshanbi Recreation Area Guide Map" and re-published the "Call of the Tide: Exploring the Intertidal Zones of the North Coast" guide book.
  • Carried out the 2017 Promotional Plan for the North Coast, 2017 Hawk-watching on Guanyinshan, 2017 Taiwan Cycling Festival, Hiking with the Sunset on the Fugui Cape, Jinshan Sulfuric Fire Fishing Festival beach concert, Heping Island Earth Music Festival, Dawulun Star Feast, and other activities; promoted the "Experiential Tourism: Brightening up the Village" tour itinerary; installed outdoor lighting at eight major attractions in the scenic area; and promoted night attractions on the North Coast.
  • Continued to promote the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle's Crown North Coast Route.
  • Established Misty, a new cultural attraction on the North Coast.
Jinshan Sulfuric Fire Fishing Festival beach activity

Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area

Planning and Construction

  • A total of 21 public recreation facility projects were completed at the scenic area, including eight facility improvement projects at the Lion's Head Mountain Scenic Area, nine projects for facilities to enhance the tourism environment at the Lishan Scenic Area, and four projects to diversify the recreational experiences at the Baguashan Scenic Area.

Operation and Management

  • The Baguashan Mountain Range Tourist Center was certified as an ecological education facility on December 1, 2017, to promote environmental education.
  • Completed safety testing and joint patrols at 29 suspension bridges in the scenic area. A "Suspension Bridge Safety Inspection Work Seminar" was held to improve travel safety.
  • Contracted out operations and rental management for public construction projects involving private investment. Such operations produced total revenue of more than NT$8.72 million in 2017.

Tourism Advertising and Promotion

  • Promoted international travel routes in conjunction with the improvement and marketing of visitor attractions.
  • Arranged activities and developed six specialty tours on the themes of grey-faced buzzard watching at Mt. Bagua, indigenous culture, and rustic hillside towns in Lishan.
  • Fostered and marketed local cultural and creative industries.
  • Authorized OhBear products in conjunction with Tourism Bureau planning to expand marketing benefits.
2017 Grey-faced buzzard watching at Mt. Bagua

Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area

Planning and Construction

  • Conducted early planning for ecological monitoring, modifications to the Zhongxing Parking Lot Project, Xiangshan Tourist Hotel BOT Project, and other tourism and recreation facilities.
  • Completed renovations to rest platforms at Shuishe Pier, construction of accessible ramps at Xuanguang Pier, and installation of charging facilities and a platform service passage at the preparatory floating dock on the right side of Shuishe Pier.
  • Completed renovations and improvements to bikeways in Shuili Township and the Toushe area.
  • Improved basic public service facilities and surrounding landscapes in indigenous areas.

Operations and Management

  • Continued to promote electric passenger boats in the Sun Moon Lake area. Two electric boats, the "Hesheng" and "Xindongfang," were launched in 2017.
  • Created a "low-carbon, smart tourism" travel environment and introduced four "Sun-Moon-Lake eTicket" package tours.
  • The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Sun Moon Lake Route provided value-added services with the installation of electric vehicle charging stations at the visitor center and service points around the lake.

Advertising and Promotion

  • Promoted indigenous culture tours at Sun Moon Lake. The two-day/one-night tours integrated features and resources of four tribes in the scenic area and were designed around a working holiday concept.
  • Tribal and private association cooperation mechanisms were revamped. Young artists and craftspeople were invited to return to their hometowns to create the "See the Moonlight" landscape art incorporating tribal legends and traditional craftsmanship.
  • Development of specialty food tours: Fine dining and surrounding tourism resources were combined to develop two distinctive food-related tours: "Dining to Love" and "Mountain Banquet of Love." A pocket book was also produced to market and promote the tours.
  • A series of theme activities was held in 2017, including the First Dawn of the Year at Sun Moon Lake, Tour de Taiwan Sun Moon Lake Marathon, Sun Moon Lake Firefly Season, International Fireworks-Music Festival, and Sun Moon Lake Come! Bike Day.
2017 International Fireworks-Music Festival

Alishan National Scenic Area

Planning and Construction

  • Completed construction of recreation and service facilities in Longmei, Gongxin Village.
  • Completed 12 projects, including environmental improvements at Xinmei Hunter Camp and Chashan Community, facilities improvement in Lijia Village, and improvements at the Taiping Cloud Ladder.

Operations and Management

  • Provided free shuttle services for 4,344 passengers to alleviate traffic during the Lunar New Year holidays. The Taiwan Tourist Shuttle's Alishan Line provided seamless travel connections. The A Line (THSR–Alishan) had 62,968 passengers and the B Line (Chiayi Railway Station–Alishan) had 165,616 passengers.
  • Security control mechanisms were established at eight potentially dangerous sites on a rolling basis. Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) were installed and first aid training provided at eight visitor centers, including in Chukou.
  • A total of 675 people participated in volunteer training courses to promote environmental education.

Advertising and Promotion

  • Training courses on tea tourism and tea beverage making were arranged to provide guidance to the local tea industry.
  • Five special offers were provided for different visitor groups: Journey to the Past on the Fenqihu Forest Railway, Food and Fun in the Old Street Areas, Rustic Trips in Indigenous Homelands, Forest Discoveries, and Romantic Excursions in the Woods.
  • Produced a new version of the "Alpine Green MV" and the promotional video "Timeless Legends" for senior travelers.
  • In 2017, the scenic area was featured in 795 domestic print and website media reports and five foreign media reports.
2017 Wedding under the Divine Tree of Alishan: Tsou wedding experience/small>
2017 International Firefly Symposium

Southwest Coast National Scenic Area

Planning and Development

  • Distinctive images of coastal fishing villages were linked together under the concept of a "fishing village outdoor art gallery."
  • Installed environmental lighting in Budai, arranged the "Cat Stars" series of paintings, renovated the old Budai Detention Center of the Customs Administration, and improved the birdwatching pavilion and surrounding visitor service facilities in Dingshan, Qigu District, Tainan City.
  • Completed improvements to the surrounding landscape and service facilities at Beimen Visitor Center, Santiaolun Beach cleaning, paintings in the Boziliao area, improvements to the surrounding environment and movement flow at Kouhu Visitor Center, and installation of new bikeway signs.
  • The "Facilities Improvements and Multifunctional Facilities Development at Beimen Administrative Center Project" won the Chinese Architectural Golden Stone Award for Outstanding Planning and Design.

Operation and Management

  • Carried out 17 leasing and management projects for scenic site facilities, including the Jingzaijiao Salt Field, Mashagou Coastal Recreation Area, Beimen Isle Restaurant, Taiwan Salt Museum, Crystal Church, and High-Heel Wedding Church.
  • The Beimen Visitor Center Taiwan earned an outstanding rank in the national i-center visitor information center appraisal.
  • Budai Culture and Creativity Hotel received a three-star ranking in a Tourism Bureau evaluation.
2017 Taiwan Birdathon

Advertising and Promotion

  • The Southwest Coast Route becomes the first Taiwan Tourist Shuttle route in Taiwan designed primarily to link scenic spots.
  • Held the 2017 Salt & Sand Sculpture Art Festival, 2017 Ocean Festival at Dongshi Fisherman's Wharf, 2017 Taiwan Cycling Festival, and 2017 Taiwan Birdathon.
  • The Jingzijiao Tile-Paved Salt Field earned the Pacific Asia Travel Association Gold Award in the "Environmental Conservation—Environmental Education Programme" category.
KungShen Wanye’s Salt of Peace Festival in 2017

Siraya National Scenic Area

Planning and Construction

  • Major work promoted in 2017 under the Siraya National Scenic Area Development Plan under the Mid-term Plan for the Construction of Major Scenic Sites (2016 – 2019): Carried out the "Guanziling Area Landscape Development and Corridor Landscape Improvement Project" and completed the "2016 Romantic Hot Spring Route Distinctive Scenic Corridor Development Project" and "Siraya Visitor Service Center and Administration Office and Construction Project."
  • Completed the "Nanhua Happy Country Public Art Installation Project," "Zhonglun Hot Springs and Surrounding Landscape Facilities Improvement Project (Phase 2)," "Zhongpu Management Station Renovation and Surrounding Landscape Project," "Nanxi District Youche Village Pond and Tour Route Development Project," "Nanhua Visitor Center Surrounding Service Facilities and Landscape Development Project," and "2017 Happy Country Route Distinctive Landscape Corridor Development Project."
Renovation of the Zhongpu Management Station and landscaping of surrounding area

Operations and Management

  • Implemented traffic alleviation measures during the Lunar New Year, Peace Memorial Day, Tomb Sweeping Day, and other holidays and established group notification mechanisms with various units.
  • Established a group notification mechanism for cleaning personnel and regularly inspected and maintained fire safety equipment.
  • Seven scenic area locations were certified as AED Safe Places.

Advertising and Promotion

  • Held the Taiwan Fun on the Tropic of Cancer activity, generating about NT$300 million in tourism revenue.
  • Established the iGo Siraya shopping platform and launched Siraya-themed creative and souvenir gifts.
  • Uploaded nine videos to the Siraya Facebook page and video sharing platforms, attracting 187,797 views.
  • Hongye Park was certified as an environmental education venue.
  • Published the book "Shout to the World from Siraya." The book was a bestseller on and was the only Asian travel book on the list.
Siraya Butterfly Valley at Hongye Park in Guanziling
Siraya Go Crecar

Maolin National Scenic Area

Planning and Construction

  • Carried out the Xinwei Forest Recreation Area Trail Renovation Project, Liangshan South Management Station in Majia Township Construction and Surrounding Service Facilities Improvement Project, Anpo Tribe Children’s Kingdom Restroom Project, and Construction of Tourism and Recreation Administrative Service Facilities at the Southern Section of Shiba Luohan Mountain Project.
  • Outsourced a survey on the number of visitors to the Maolin area and assessment of benefits of autumn and winter activities (Taiwan Maolin Purple Butterfly Valley Biennial Butterfly Beauty Festival and Hot Spring Season of Whispering Flowers in Mountain Town) .
Xinwei Forest Recreation Area Trail Renovation Project

Operation and Management

  • Carried out the "Saijia Recreation Area ROT Project," "Liangshan Recreation Area ROT Project," and "Shiba Luohan Mountain Service Area OT Project," and added the "Maolin Visitor Center Leasing Project."
  • Commissioned Pan-Fei Technology Co., Ltd. to arrange education courses and related training work on the environment at Maolin.
  • Implemented the Community and Tribal Tourism Environment Development Project. Tourism environment beautification and improvements were completed at 24 sites in the scenic area, including at the Northern Pingtung System (Sandimen, Wutai, and Majia recreation areas) and Laonong System (Liugui, Taoyuan, and Maolin recreation areas).

Advertising and Promotion

  • Held the 2017 Austronesian Wedding: Love on Dawu Mountain, Loaning River Rafting, 2017-2018 Hot Spring Season of Whispering Flowers in Mountain Town, 2017-2018 Taiwan Maolin Purple Butterfly Valley Biennial Butterfly Beauty Festival, and other activities.
  • Hosted the 2017 Taiwan Indigenous Tourism Festival.
  • Held the International Symposium of Danaine Butterfly Ecological Research and Sustainable Tourism Development: the first symposium on butterfly ecology to be held in Taiwan.
  • Jointly participated with government agencies and organizations in the scenic area jurisdiction in the 2017 Kaohsiung International Travel Fair, 2017 Taichung International Travel Fair, and 2017 Kaohsiung International Travel Fair held by the Kaohsiung Association of Travel Agents.
2017 Smile 185: Colorful Pineapple Festival
2017 Loaning River Rafting

Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area

Photo courtesy of Zhi-Ren Hong

Planning and Construction

  • Facilities construction: Bayside Park, Sankong Bridge water lighting sculpture, and bayside greenbelt landscape facilities.
  • Facilities improvement: Xiaoliuqiu Scenic Area, Wild Boar Trench, and extension of the tidal estuary diversion dike at Dapeng Bay.
  • New construction: Yacht mooring facilities at Coastal Park Harbor and universal design service facilities for bayside recreations.

Operations and Management

  • Administered contract performance for the Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area BOT Project and implemented annual target and progress controls. The speedway, Orient Resort Penbay, and go-kart track have started operation.
  • Administered contract performance for the Liuqiu Camping Area and parking lot consignments and leasing at the multifunctional visitor service area and some facilities at sailboat areas.
  • Established information stations in partnership with retailers to facilitate visitor access to travel information.
  • Actively promoted electric scooter rental in Xiaoliuqiu and fostered awareness of low-carbon tourism among local service providers and visitors.
Photo courtesy of Zhi-Ren Hong

Advertising and Promotion

  • Held the 2017 Dapeng Bay National Windsurfing Championship, participated in international travel fairs in Kaohsiung, Taichung, and Taipei, participated in overseas promotion events, and promoted the "Hengchun Peninsula Package Tour Route."
  • Held a travel promotion activity for the launch of the Kenting Express Line package tour.
  • Arranged beach-cleaning and marine ecology conservation promotional activities, and issued innovative "Beach Money" in Xiaoliuqiu. Guidance was provided to local businesses on implementing voluntary beach cleaning on a rotational basis.
2017 Dapeng Bay Ironman Triathlon

Key Points of Tourism Resource Development and Management

Promoting Barrier-free and Senior Travel

  • By the end of 2017, a total of 133 barrier-free travel sites had been completed at national scenic areas to facilitate visits by the mobility-impaired.
  • The Tourism Bureau assisted the promotion of high-quality tours for seniors and launched FIT package tickets and group tours at national scenic areas.
  • Creative competitions and seminars were held to spread the concept of universal design.
Tongliang Great Banyan in Penghu — Barrier-free

Encouraging Outlying Island Visitors to Rent Electric Scooters

The Executive Yuan introduced domestically-produced electric scooters to outlying islands to develop a viable business model for e-scooter rental to visitors suitable for the isolated nature of the islands. In conjunction with this measure, the Tourism Bureau announced the "Directions for Tourism Bureau, MOTC Subsidies to Tourists for the Leasing of Electric Scooters on Outlying Islands." In 2017, subsidies were provided for 50,045 day/times.

Enhancing Supervision and Assessment of Operations at National Scenic Areas

The Tourism Bureau promulgated the amended "Operational Guidelines on Supervision and Assessment of Administration and Safety Maintenance at National Scenic Areas" to strengthen supervision and assessment at national scenic areas. Assessments were conducted by an assessment team and two secret visitor inspections. Sun Moon Lake, Northeast and Yilan Coast, and Alishan were the top-three ranking national scenic area administrations in the 2017 assessment.

Promoting Water Recreation Activities

  • Formulated the "Working Guidelines for Maintenance of Facilities in National Scenic Areas and Safety Management of Water Recreation Activities."
  • Arranged or subsidized the holding of demonstrations and experience workshops on water recreation safety.
  • The Tourism Bureau added a "Water Recreation" section to the Taiwan Tourist Information Website and produced safety promotion videos.
"Embrace the Sea: Water Safety Rules," produced by Northeast and Yilan Coast National Scenic Area Administration

Maintaining Travel Safety

The Tourism Bureau formulated a supervision plan for "recreational facility safety management in tourist areas" under the implementation strategy for the "White Paper on Public Safety Management" and instructed responsible agencies to implement management work.

Promoting Indigenous Tribal Tours

  • The Tourism Bureau established the Council for the Promotion of Tourism in Indigenous Areas. It invited the Council of Indigenous Peoples and five other agencies to jointly deliberate ways to promote tourism in indigenous areas and arranged tour planning and indigenous guide training to support employment in indigenous communities.
  • The 2017 Taiwan Indigenous Tourism Festival and "Welcome to Explore the Tribe" international marketing and promotion campaign were arranged to actively market indigenous tribal tours.
Katomayan Tribal Music and Dance Festival— Thousand - person Dance

Encouraging Private Investment in Tourism

The Tourism Bureau contracted out three operate-transfer (OT) projects in 2017 to provide more diverse recreation services and inject vitality from private business methods. It also co-organized the 2017 Investment Solicitation Convention, MOTC. In the future, the Tourism Bureau will actively track potential companies and promote private participation in public tourism and recreation construction projects to bring the vitality and creativity of the private sector to travel service facilities.

East Coast Tribal Working Holiday—Torik Tribe