Brand Building through Multi-Channel Marketing

Established a Brand New Good Image through Innovative Literature

Materials were produced to promote railway travel aimed at FIT visitors. Promotional videos with a first-person perspective were also produced to introduce viewers to the diverse modes of travel and unique scenery in Taiwan.

The Tourism Bureau published the Easy Hiking in Taiwan guide for hiking travel enthusiasts and the Indigenous Culture in Taiwan guide for visitors interested in indigenous culture.

The Cycling around Taiwan guide was revised and published as the Guide to Cycle Route No.1 in seven language versions. The guide provides information on island-wide cycling tours and travel arrangements.

Guides introducing Taiwan's tourism resources and Muslim friendly environment were published in various Southeast Asian languages.

Introduced Taiwan to the World through Major Events

2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival

Selected by the Discovery Channel as one of the world's best festivals, the Taiwan Lantern Festival is a main highlight of Taiwan's festive tourism events. The 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival was held in Yunlin County in mid-February. The highlight of the show was the main theme lantern—"Advent of the Phoenix." The lantern display was based on the rooster, the year's zodiac animal, and showcased Taiwan's outstanding craftsmanship and technology. Four supporting lanterns and six traditional lantern performances based on the themes of "Friendliness to the Earth, Cultural Diversity, and Indigenous Yunlin" further added to the dazzling and immersive light show.

The 2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival featured decorative lantern displays by six teams from Japan. It also attracted 393 VIPs, tourism industry insiders, and reporters from more than 10 countries. The colorful festival shows earned high praise. A mainland Chinese online media channel broadcast the program "Discover the Romance of Taiwan's Lantern Festival" live from the festival venue, earning a top ranking among Weibo users. Reporters from mainland China's People's Daily Online summed up the accolades for the Taiwan Lantern Festival in widely read reports describing the event's "unlimited creativity, endless fun, and unrivaled beauty."

2017 Taiwan Fun on the Tropic of Cancer Activities: Re-branding Summer Tourism Activities in Taiwan

Held over a period of three months, the 2017 Taiwan Fun on the Tropic of Cancer series of activities highlighted fine dining along the Tropic of Cancer in Taiwan. In addition to forming cross-industry alliances and encouraging summer travel, the Tourism Bureau invited experts to speak at the well-received 2017 Summer 235 Academic Seminar on themes related to geography, earth science, nature and humanity, agriculture and ecology, and recreational tourism around the Tropic of Cancer.

        Railway travel was a theme of this year's activity. The Tourism Bureau teamed up with the Taiwan Railway Administration to jointly develop a "Taiwan Fun on the Tropic of Cancer OhBear Fish and Chicken Taiwanese Burger" lunch box. It also produced the micro movie "Taiwan Fun on the Tropic of Cancer" to promote scenic and fine dining tours. For marketing and promotion, the Tourism Bureau arranged press conferences joined by well-known artists and online celebrities who shared their favorite Taiwan Fun on the Tropic of Cancer travel experience in an interesting talk show format.

        In addition, Chiayi County, Kaohsiung City, and the East Coast, East Rift Valley, Siraya, Southwest Coast, and Penghu national scenic area administrations under the Tourism Bureau worked together to re-brand summer festivals in Taiwan with a marketing campaign focused on four theme activities.

2017 Taiwan Cycling Festival

The Taiwan Cycling Festival is the focal event of Taiwan cycling tours vigorously promoted to the world as a combination of cycling and LOHAS travel. It brings together of five main series of events: Formosa 900, Taiwan KOM Challenge, Sun Moon Lake Come! Bikeday, Taichung Cycling Festival, and Light up Taiwan. User reach and promotional material views were boosted through tweets by well-known bloggers/vloggers in cycling and related areas and through the placement of online ads, increasing the promotional effect.

2017 Taiwan Good Spas — Taiwan Hot Spring Fine-Cuisine Festival

This activity promoted hot spring and fine dining activities at major hot spring areas in Taiwan under the theme of "Touring the Hot Springs of Taiwan." The activity brought together information on 19 hot spring areas in Taiwan and 212 "Hot Spring Mark" certified businesses. Participants could take part in a prize drawing for a chance to win coupons for luxury double room stays at hot spring resorts (1 night/2 meals), coupons for free hot spring baths, mobile phones, electric cars, bath products, and numerous other prizes. The activity helped to build and deepen Taiwan's unique hot spring and fine dining culture.

        Marketing and promotion of the event included promotional press conferences and a national kick-off press conference. The activity was also widely promoted through various marketing channels, attracting domestic and international visitors to hot spring areas and increasing revenue in the hot spring industry.

Internet Promotion

Japanese Market

The Tourism Bureau organized the "Meet Colors! Taiwan" Instamprally. Instagram users were invited to upload photos of Taiwan and become certified "Meet Colors! Taiwan" Instagram gurus. Taiwan tourism information was also promoted through a variety of online channels, including blogs, websites, Facebook, and other social media sites.

Meet Colors! Taiwan INSTAMPRALLY(2016/12-2017/2/18)

Instagamprally photo submission
Web ― meetcolors ―
"Meet Colors! Taiwan" Promotional Video—Japan

Korean Market

The Tourism Bureau held the "Map to the Heartbeat of Taiwan" and "Taiwan Expedition" activities. The former invited visitors to Taiwan to submit their favorite attractions for an online vote. The activity increased the Korean public's awareness of Taiwan's tourist attractions and their loyalty to the website.

        For "Taiwan Expedition," well-known online opinion leaders were asked to form a "Taiwan Expedition" composed of influencers selected by an online vote. The expedition members were invited to visit attractions, experience fine dining in Taiwan, and share the beauty of Taiwan live over the internet.

Heartbeat of Taiwan Expedition tour

Europe and the Americas

The Tourism Bureau teamed up with major global travel and hotel booking websites Expedia and and promoted Taiwan tour packages with airline and hotel partners. Precision advertising was aimed at travelers with spending power and interest in traveling in Asia. A Taiwan brand page was also created to provide travel-related information. The promotion received about five million views.



Mainland China

The Tourism Bureau collaborated with several online marketing partners, including Baidu (the world's largest search engine), (the world's largest travel website), and Sina Weibo. Such channels were used for publicity and promotions. Travel experts were also invited to visit Taiwan and share their experience to broaden and deepen marketing.

2017 Weibo Taiwan Tourism Season


Celebrity Endorsements

Nagasawa Masami

Nagasawa Masami was invited to serve as the spokesperson for the Tourism Bureau's "Meet Colors! Taiwan" promotion in Japan. The campaign videos presented the elements of tourism in Taiwan under the themes of "Hopeful Purple, Eternal Red, Peaceful Evergreen, Elegant Pink, Surprising Yellow, Impulsive Green, Absorbing Sky Blue, Tempting Silver, Perfect Blue, and Enriching Gold." The videos invite Japanese travelers to visit Taiwan and discover its charm and their own colors. The ad was shown over multiple media channels, bringing the brilliant colors of Taiwan to the Japanese market.



Korean idol Yeo Jin-goo has been the Tourism Bureau's spokesperson for the Korean market since 2016. With his positive image, Yeo has helped to promote impressions of Taiwan tourism to Korean travelers through appearances in micro movies, public relations events, and print promotions.

Taiwan Tourism Promotional Video—Korea


The Mascot

Taiwan OhBear attended promotional events on six major themes. For example, when Japan's Saitama Sebu Lions professional baseball team held their Taiwan Day, OhBear attended and posed together with the Lions' mascot Leo to promote Taiwan. In Seoul, Korea, OhBear took part in promotional activities and interacted with the crowds at the Heartbeat Picnic and travel shows. OhBear's participation in various promotional activities was coordinated with sustained online exposure to achieve a broad-based marketing effect.

Magnifying Promotion Impact with Buzz Building Events

Taiwan now boarding

The Tourism Bureau carried out the "Taiwan Now Boarding" activity in the five major North American cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Toronto. Participants in a Friday night Taiwan party were invited to take part in a prize drawing for a chance to win an instant weekend getaway to Taiwan. More than 3,000 people registered to join the high-buzz event, generating about 80 million media exposures. The campaign promoted the image of Taiwan as an easily accessible destination for long-haul markets. It was also paired with the "Time for Taiwan" slogan to convince visitors that now is the time to visit Taiwan.

Touching Hearts across the Ocean

The Tourism Bureau placed an interactive ad on the electronic billboard in Times Square, a famous tourism attraction in New York. The "New York Times Square and Taipei—Join Hearts" campaign attracted both Americans and international visitors to participate and share the experience with social groups. The extensive social media exposure promoted Taiwan tourism products to the mainstream U.S. market and boosted the number of visits to Taiwan.