Global Focus, Multipronged Advance

Northeast Asia


In 2017, the Tourism Bureau continued to promote Taiwan tourism in Japan through an integrated marketing campaign centered on the themes of fine dining, romance, LOHAS, shopping, nature, and culture. Advances also continued to be made in the areas of study tours, incentive travel, and sports tourism, as well as exchanges in historic, cultural, and other domains.

  • Group travel
  • Free independent travel (FIT) and women
  • Youth
  • Corporate incentive travel
  • Study tours


Maintaining momentum with celebrity charm

The Tourism Bureau recruited spokespersons to energetically promote Taiwan tourism to young people in Japan. Information on tourism in Taiwan was communicated in topics of interest to Japanese people. The Tourism Bureau also partnered with high profile Japanese bloggers to sustain momentum for travel to Taiwan.

Boosting visibility with media resources

Information on special tour themes and products was promoted to the Japanese travel industry and various traveler groups through television, print, online, and outdoor media, major travel shows, seminars, promotional meetings, and other channels. Leading media channels were invited to Taiwan to report on theme tours and major events to increase exposure to Taiwan tourism and create opportunities for product packaging.

Strengthening sales channels with industry partners

The Tourism Bureau continued to collaborate with large travel agencies on programs to boost tourist visits. It also partnered with small and medium-sized and online travel agencies to place shared ads, develop and expand channels, and stabilize visitor sources.

Developing new markets through integration of local government resources

The Tourism Bureau teamed up with local governments and airport promotion associations to participate in local travel fairs and promotional activities. It also partnered with travel agencies to introduce new tourism resources to Japanese travelers and enhance travel products.


Under the Guidelines of Incentives for the Promotion of Charter Flights to Taiwan by Overseas Carriers, the Tourism Bureau sought to attract Japanese corporate incentive travel to Taiwan and travelers from Japanese cities without direct flight connections to Taiwan.

South Korea

In 2017, tourism promotions were conducted in Korea under the core themes of "LOHAS, fine dining, and culture" through a variety of media channels.

  • Group travel
  • Women
  • Youth
  • Free independent travel (FIT)


Celebrity advocacy

Artists with a good image were invited to serve as spokespersons for Taiwan tourism promotion over the year

Theme seminars to encourage travel to Taiwan

The Tourism Bureau invited authors and established bloggers who have published on Taiwan tourism and other people familiar with Taiwan tourism resources to seminars to share their travel experiences.

Attracting young people through online marketing

Korean internet celebrities and bloggers were invited to visit attractions and restaurants in Taiwan and to share their experience through viral online communication to strengthen marketing to young people.

Raising viability though film and television co-marketing

Push promotion of Taiwan tourism information was enhanced through integration of television, print, online, and outdoor media and partnerships with well-known programs.

Strengthening sales channels through industry partnerships

The Tourism Bureau partnered with large travel agencies and arranged memorandums of understanding (MOUs) to attract more visitors.

Tourism exchange conferences

Taiwan and Korea held the 32nd Taiwan-Korea Tourism Exchange Conference to discuss substantive issues related to tourism exchanges.

32nd Taiwan-Korea Tourism Exchange Conference

Europe and the Americas

The willingness of travelers in Europe and the America's to make long-distance trips in 2017 was affected by political factors, including U.S. border and trade policies introduced by the Trump administration, the election of new premiers and prime ministers in several European countries, and the independence referendum in Spain. Against this backdrop, the Tourism Bureau continued various marketing and promotion strategies, including the Taiwan-The Heart of Asia and Time for Taiwan brand recognition campaigns. Culture, fine food, ecology, and LOHAS were the main themes of advertising, promotional, and marketing activities in major source markets such as the United States, Canada, Germany, the UK, and France.

  • Seniors
  • Backpackers
  • Asian travelers
  • Transit/Business travelers, and Special interest groups (e.g. Island-round bicycle tours, Hiking, and Bird/Butterfly watching)


Raising visibility through cross-platform multimedia channels

The Tourism Bureau strengthened awareness of Taiwan tourism through advertisements, joint campaigns, and consumer generated content aimed at increasing exposure to Taiwan's tourism brand in major visitor source markets.

Offering rewards to further incentivize travel to Taiwan

The Tourism Bureau continued to offer free half-day tours for transit passengers and other preferential measures to encourage transit passengers and corporate incentive travel. It also participated in four major incentive travel conferences and exhibitions to enhance exhibitor awareness of Taiwan and help travel firms attract visitors to Taiwan.

Southeast Asia

The Tourism Bureau developed promotions under the themes of fine dining, romance, LOHAS, and shopping, drawing on the appeal of the "Time for Taiwan" slogan. The publicity strategy was differentiated for the Hong Kong and Macao, New Southbound, and Muslim markets.

Muslim Market

The Tourism Bureau enhanced Taiwan's image as a Muslim-friendly travel destination through multiple channels. It also continued to improve the visitor reception environment in Taiwan to meet the needs of Muslim tourists.


The bureau developed demonstration tours and continued to work with the Chinese Muslim Association to guide businesses in improving the reception environment and meeting the special needs of Muslim visitors.

        Visitor centers at all national scenic areas administered by the Tourism Bureau have been equipped with prayer rooms and washing facilities for Muslim visitors. Prayer rooms have also been established at transportation terminals and stations, the Discovery Center of Taipei, Taiwan World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1, Taipei International Convention Center, and Nangang Exhibition Hall. There were 143 Muslim friendly tourism and hospitality businesses in Taiwan at the end of 2017.

        In the area of international marketing and promotion, the Tourism Bureau participated in international travel fairs in Southeast Asia, arranged Taiwan tourism workshops, and produced and issued exclusive gifts and guides to market Muslim tours in Taiwan. In addition, Muslim TV crews were invited to film and broadcast programs in Taiwan. Through these various channels, the bureau enhanced the image of Taiwan as a Muslim-friendly travel destination.

Indian TV channel Travelxp filmed a travel special in Taiwan

New Southbound Markets

In conjunction with the New Southbound Policy, the Tourism Bureau cooperated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to introduce a trial program allowing visitors from Thailand, Brunei and the Philippines visa-free entry to Taiwan from 2016. Barriers to visiting Taiwan were further reduced with the introduction of e-visas to simplify visa application procedures for visitors from ASEAN countries. Visitor arrivals from Vietnam grew by 94.94%, helped by tourism promotions, promotions integrated with the Vietnamese immigrant community in Taiwan, and industry-academic cooperation, making Vietnam the fastest growing source market in the New Southbound area.

  • Free independent travel (FIT)
  • Repeat visitors
  • Newly affluent
  • Muslim visitors


Expanding marketing directions

The Tourism Bureau participated in travel fairs and organized promotional conferences and industry briefings.

Creating a travel-friendly environment

Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian language website content was enhanced.

Electronic and outdoor media promotion

The Tourism Bureau placed ads promoting Taiwan's image and invited celebrities and bloggers from various markets to Taiwan, including inviting a Philippine beauty queen to Taiwan to shoot videos highlighting local tourism attractions to attract Filipino visitors.

Cooperating with Taiwan friendly organizations

The Tourism Bureau promoted corporate incentive travel group visits to Taiwan and developed multi-port cruise products, such as Kaohsiung-Manila-Hong Kong cruises. It also integrated with the ACC Asia Cruise Fund.

Miss Philippines Maggie Wilson and Parul Shah shot travel promotional videos in Taiwan
Sixth Taiwan-Vietnam Tourism Cooperation Conference(2017)

Deeply Cultivating New Southbound Markets(2017)

Hong Kong, Macao

Promotions in Hong Kong and Macao focused on FIT and repeat visitors. Zonal tourism was introduced to maintain interest in repeat visits.

  • Free independent travel (FIT)
  • Repeat visitors


Celebrities, experts, bloggers and travel media were invited to report from Taiwan to vigorously promote specialty tours.
A range of in-depth information was provided through various channels and multimedia communications coordinated with promotional activities and special offers, including seasonal gifts and fruit picking vouchers.
Joining forces through cross-industry alliances

The "Thanks to You" hotel promotion campaign was conducted to encourage airlines and travel agencies to market Hong Kong-Taitung charter tours.

Macao B&B Carnival

Mainland China

There has been a steady shift towards in-depth and high-quality travel among mainland Chinese visitors to Taiwan. The Tourism Bureau therefore continued to promote innovative tour themes, specialty package tours, and high-quality tours to deeply cultivate the market for high-end and specialty tourism products.

  • High-end travelers
  • Free independent travel (FIT)


Developing the FIT market and expanding promotion of FIT travel products

The Tourism Bureau integrated promotions through major online travel websites to further attract visitors from key cities to Taiwan.

Developing innovative travel products and social media marketing

Guidance was provided on developing high-quality and differentiated travel products on themes such as fine dining tours, celebrity tours, outlying island tours, bicycle tours, and meditation tours. Influential travel experts were invited to strengthen promotion of FIT travel in Taiwan through webcasts and major online platforms. Television, online, social media and other channels and multimedia were integrated to broaden communication.

Forging closer cooperation and exchange ties

The Tourism Bureau organized tourism activities and exchange visits to promote Taiwan tourism, share views with long-term promotional partners, and establish models for closer cooperation.