Promotion in Different Markets

Promotional Activities in Japan

Promotional Activities in Japan Content of Promotion
Print Media Newspapers:Placed ads and advertorials promoting the image of Taiwan tourism in Asahi Shimbun, Yomiuri Shimbun, Daily News, Sankei Shimbun, Nikkei News, Hokkoku Shimbun, Chugoku Shimbun, Nishinippon Shimbun, Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun, Miyazaki Nichinichi Shimbun, Minami-Nippon Shimbun, Ryukyu Shimpo, and Okinawa Times.
Magazines:Feature reports on Taiwan tourism were published in the Shugaku Ryoko Monthly, Travel Journal and Savvy, City Living, South Country, Brutus, Men's Non-no, Mrs., and ELLE
TV Ads Kanto Region:From February to December, TV commercials were broadcast by 16 TV stations, including Nippon, Fuji, Chukyo, and TBS Television in Kanto, Nagoya, Hokkaido, and Nagano, all areas with large numbers of people who travel abroad.
Kansai Region:From March to December, commercials were broadcast by 16 TV stations in Central Shikoku, Kyushu, Okinawa, and other cities and areas with development potential, targeting areas with regular flight schedules.
TV Programs Invited Japanese TV stations to film programs in Taiwan in order to raise awareness of Taiwan tourism. The following programs were shot in Taiwan
  • Fuji TV: World Tour-Perfect MAP: Central Taiwan
  • Nippon Television: Tuesday Surprise
  • Niigata Television Network 21 (UX): Namatoku (Live Broadcast + Super Value)
  • Tokai Television Broadcasting: Switch!
  • Toyama Tulip TV
  • Chiba TV: Taiwan Formosa Travelogue 2017
  • Fukuoka LOVE FM: Meet Colors! Taiwan
  • KSB: Akiko Kinouchi Beautiful Encounters: Taiwan Travelogue
  • Fukuoka RKB Mainichi Broadcasting Corporation: Sunday Watch
  • Saga Television Station: Press
Internet Media
  • Created the "Taiwan Mikke!" fan page on Facebook, which attracted views from close to 15,000 fans
  • Placed ad on Yahoo! JAPAN expandable brand panel
  • Placed ad and report on travel industry website TRAVELKO advertise and report
Outdoor Advertising
  • Outdoor media LED wall displays were set up to broadcast Taiwan tourism ads at an intersection in Tokyo's Shibuya District, as well as in Nagoya, the Dotonbori area of Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, and Kagoshima
  • Ads were placed on the inside and outside of train cars on the Yamanote Line of the Tokyo railway system for four weeks from mid-September to mid-November
  • Super panoramic ads were placed at JR Shinjuku Station for two weeks
  • Ads were shown at five cinemas in Roppongi and Shinjuku, Tokyo for two weeks
  • Large banner ads were placed in Hontoori and Kinza, Hiroshima, the largest shopping areas in central Shikoku and aisle hanging ads were placed on the Hiroshima Electric Railway from April 21 to May 28
  • Hanging ads were placed on the JR Marine Liner from June 1 to 6
  • Ads were placed on Sanyo Electric Railway train cars for one year from June 5
  • Aisle hanging ads were placed on West Japan Railway trains from June 5 to 11
  • Ads were placed on Shinki Bus routes in Hyogo Prefecture from July 16 to September 19
  • Aisle hanging poster ads were placed in Kintetsu train cars and electronic billboard ads were placed at Kintetsu Namba Station in the Osaka area from October 9 to 15
Public Relations Activities
  • Taiwan tourism information was presented at a booth with displays, TV ads, and stage PR events at the Taiwan Festival held by the overseas Taiwanese community at Tokyo Tower to expand promotion.
  • Taiwan tourism promotional activities were held at Tobu Department Store.
  • Assistance was given for joint promotions combining cross-industry and local government resources, including a sports-related promotion arranged at the Seibu Taiwan Day, "Liking Taiwan More and More" activity and ads promoting Taiwan tourism held jointly with Hirakata T-Site, promotional activities in conjunction with the Taiwan Film Festival in Fukuoka, the 2017 MRO Travel Fair, Ehime Air Travel 2017, and various other channels to promote Taiwan-Japan tourism exchanges.
Travel Fairs Participated in the JATA Tourism Expo, the Yosakoi Soran Festival and tourism promotion activities in Hokkaido, the Northeastern Japan Festival and tourism promotion activities, the Nippon Domannaka Festival and tourism promotional activities in Nagoya, the Anotsu Yosakoi dance festival and tourism promotion activities in Mie Prefecture, and tourism promotion activities in Kyushu.

Promotional Activities in South Korea

Method of Promotion Content of Promotion
Print Media Newspapers:Travel News, Tourism Information News, Korea Tourism News, World Travel News, Leisure News, Focus & Metro Rapid Transit News, Construction Traffic Tourism News, and Traffic Travel News
Magazines:Tour de Monde, Travie, The Traveller, AB Road, Tour Korea, Lonely Planet Magazine Korea, KTX Magazine, Bar & Dining, Seoul City, and Travel Press
TV Ads
  • From April to June, 15-second commercials were broadcast on JTBC, KBS-2, and other TV channels; and from September to December 2017, 15-second commercials were broadcast on MBC, KBS-2, and other TV channels.
  • HanaTour, Mode Tour and other travel agencies marketed travel products on home shopping TV channels.
  • Partnered with HANATOUR to arrange the shooting of a JTBC Carefree Travelers program episode in Taiwan.
Taiwan Tourism Speech Travel writers and bloggers were invited to give talks on Taiwan's travel and tourism resources, twice per month for a total of 24 talks (12 in Seoul, 12 in Busan).
Internet Media
  • Enhanced the functions of the Tourism Bureau's official Korean-language website, and invited well-known Korean bloggers to come and travel in Taiwan.
  • Created the Heartbeat of Taiwan dedicated official website for Taiwan tourism, posted micro movies and news about the year's tourism activities and events, and provided information on scenic spots, fine dining and transportation.
Outdoor Advertising
  • Digital ads were placed at Korea University, ads were placed on the Dong-a Ilbo video wall at Gwanghwamun in Seoul, and video wall ads were placed at Incheon Airport and Gimpo Airport and the gondola at Songdo Beach in Busan.
  • Ads were placed on SBS Gorealra Radio
Public Relations Activities Taiwan's travel friendly image was promoted in a lantern display at Seoul Lantern Festival in Cheonggyecheon on November 1 to 19, featuring Taiwan tourism mascot OhBear.
Travel Fairs Participated in the Korea International Tourism Show, Busan International Travel Fair, Hana Tour International Travel Show, Mode Tour International Travel Show, and Busan Hana Tour Exhibition

Promotional Activities in America and Canada

Method of Promotion Content of Promotion
Print Media Taiwan's tourism image and travel products were promoted through ads and advertorials in Los Angeles Times, Global Traveler, Travel Weekly, TravelAge West, Trazee Travel, Travel Leader Network Yearbook, USTOA Business Resources Yearbook, Travel 50 & Beyond, American Express Travel magazine, Travel Week, Toronto Sun, Vancouver Sun, Edmonton Prime Time, West Canada Weekly, Asian Fusion Magazine, Epoch Time, Taiwanese Canadian Monthly, World Journal, Sing Tao Daily, Ming Pao, Global Chinese Press, East Week, and Duowei News.
TV Programs
  • Videos promoting Taiwan's tourism image aired on KPIX-TV (San Francisco), Eastern Era, Talentvision, ETTV, Sing Tao Chinese Radio, TVB, Sky Link TV, Zhong Want TV, New Tang Dynasty TV, and
  • A co-produced PBS Travelscope episode on "Taiwan's Penghu Islands" won two Emmy Awards and was broadcast on the PBS TV network more than a thousand times. The episode introduced the Taiwan Fun on the Tropic of Cancer activity and traditional southern Fujianese culture and scenic marine environments of the outlying Penghu Islands to the mainstream market in the US.
Radio Programs SMS promotions of Taiwan tourism and travel offers aired on US radio stations FM99.7, KCBS, AM1300 (Chinese), AM1430 (Cantonese), Chinese Radio Network, and Canada's FM96.1, AM1470, AM1320, and Fairchild Radio.
Internet Media
  • Taiwan tourism was promoted through precision targeted ads placed through integrated internet media channels Google, Digilant, Adara, and Sojern, as well as videos on YouTube, Teads, and Virool. Ads were also placed on tourism internet portals and the websites of tourism organizations and partner businesses and media channels, including Expedia,, ASTA, Dreamscape, CBS SF, Oakland Zoo, FM96.1, Calgary Herald, Baxter Travel Media, SIFF, Zhidao Media, West Canada Weekly, SF,, TripAdvisor, and Outpost Magazine.
  • Information on Taiwan tourism was promoted through social media activities and ads on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and other social media channels. Internet celebrities were also invited to post on Taiwan through social media, official accounts, and interaction with fans to expand promotional results.
Outdoor Advertising
  • Taiwan's image was promoted through ad placements on electronic billboards in Times Square, New York, Muni Metro cars in San Francisco, and the Oakland Zoo, as well as inside and outdoor billboards at Mets Citi Field.
  • Images of Taiwan's tourist destinations were promoted on dual-branded take-away cups through a cross-industry alliance with Ten Ren Tea Stations in California.
Public Relations Activities Created many promotional activities to increase Taiwan's publicity
  • North American Taiwan promotions in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles
  • Integrated marketing and joint promotion with the Oakland Zoo
  • Sonoma International Film Festival
  • Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival
  • Food fair in San Francisco
  • Taiwan Now Boarding
  • Promotional event for direct Vancouver—Taiwan flights by Air Canada
  • Vancouver and San Francisco promotions of the 2017 Canada-Taiwan-Hong Kong multi-destination travel promotion cooperation plan
  • United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) Annual Conference
  • 2017 Rose Parade
  • Avanti promotion in Dallas
  • Avanti promotion in San Diego
  • Promotions and Vacation to GoTaiwan education and training in Houston
  • Promotions and American Express Travel Taiwan education and training in Atlanta
  • ASTA Global Convention
  • JTB USA Honolulu joint promotion seminar
  • Signature Travel Network US trade show
  • Promotional activities for the movie "Silence" and Taiwan tourism
  • 2017 Passport to Taiwan activity in New York
  • 2017 Mets Family Sunday and Taiwan Week
  • Taiwanese Food Night in Washington, D.C.
  • Hello Taiwan Bubble Tea Festival in New York
  • Trans-Pacific video link between Taipei and New York at Times Square on December 31
Travel Fair
  • 2017 Seatrade Cruise Global
  • 2017 San Francisco / Bay Area Travel and Adventure Show
  • 2017 IMEX America
  • 2017 Vancouver International Travel Expo
  • 2017 Utah Travel Expo
  • 2017 Morris Murdock Travel Show
  • 2017 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
  • 2017 Brazil Latin America travel fair
  • 2017 Las Vegas Travel Agent Forum
  • 2017 ARLAG Trade Show
  • 2017 Los Angeles Times The Taste
  • 2017 American Birding Expo
  • 2017 Global Travel Summit Hawaii Travel Show
  • World Journal spring and autumn Travel and Leisure Show
  • 2017 New York Times Travel Show
  • 2017 Chicago Travel and Adventure Show
  • 2017 Ottawa Travel and Vacation Show
  • 2017 Montreal International Tourism and Travel Show
  • 2017 Bike Expo New York

Promotional Activities in Europe

Method of Promotion Content of Promotion
Print Media Taiwan tourism imagery was promoted through print media in major visitor source markets:
  • Germany:Frankfurt Neue Presse, Reise vor 9, Touristik Aktuell, Rhein Zeitung, Kölner Stadt Anzeige, Rheinische Post, Tages Anzeige, Traveller, Nürnberger Nachrichten, Nürnberger Zeitung, Wiesbadener Kurier, Lonely Planet Traveller, Travel One, FVW, Food & Travel, Welt am Sonntag, Die Welt, Reise & Preise, Connoisseur Circle, H.O.M.E., Die Zeit, Berliner Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Welt am Sonntag, Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Hamburger Abendblatt, Spartacus Traveler, Welt Vegan, NZZ, Redaktionsbüro, Sächsische Zeitung, Freie Press, Zeit Magazine, Magazins & Wave Magazine
  • UK:Travel Bulletin, TTG Daily, Business Insider UK, The Independent, The Sun, Mail on Sunday,, City AM Daily Magazine, Food & Travel Magazine, Cyclist Mgazine, National Geographic Traveller, The Times, The Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Lonely Planet Magazine, ELLE
  • France:Beaux Arts, National Geographic Traveller France, La Voix du Nord, Wilder
TV Programs Taiwan's tourism image was enhanced in major source markets in Europe through ad placement and inviting television programs to co-produce episodes in Taiwan:
  • Germany:München TV, Berliner TV, Antenna Frankfurt Radio, RBB Radio
  • United Kingdom:Sky Channel
  • France:Tele Matin on France 2, Entre Ciel et Terre on France 5
Internet Media Utilized major internet media to expand channels for promoting Taiwan tourism
  •,,,,, The London Foodie,,
  •,,,, Bike
Outdoor Advertising
  • Germany:Placed 40 electronic screen ads in the major cities of Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Dusseldorf or similarly-sized urban areas
  • United Kingdom:Placed video wall ads at Gatwick Airport
  • Spain:Placed ads at the well-known Mallorca 312 cycling race
  • Collaborated with EVA Airlines' Dutch subsidiary to place ads on the back of Lauwers buses traveling to various European cities
  • Field wall ads and promotional video ads were placed during the Netherlands Haarlem Baseball Week
Public Relations Activities
  • Summer travel industry trade fairs were hosted by PATA's German chapter in four major cities
  • Velo Frankfurt
  • Fifteen market promotion roadshows for Asian travel products organized by German travel agency FTI Touristik
  • A world travel promotion event hosted by German travel agency Diamir Erlebnisreisen
  • German travel agency Tischler Asia trip seminar
  • German travel agency Derpart Consumer Tourism Day promotional event
  • Junge Union Deutschlandtag activity
  • Promotions at five PATA UK Chapter fairs (in Newcastle, Leeds, Royal Tunbridge Wells, and Ireland) and a promotion party (in London)
  • Two media and industry promotional events held by the ANTOR UK Chapter
  • Salon Destinations Nature Consumer Travel Fair in France
  • The 2017 Airline Express travel industry fair in the Netherlands, organized by the Passenger Airlines Sales Representative Association (PASRA)
  • PATA Worldwide Workshop held in Copenhagen by PATA Denmark
  • 2017 product promotion roadshow organized by Swiss travel agency Tourasia
Travel Fairs
  • In Germany:REISEN Hamburg, FREE Munich, CMT Stuttgart, ITB Berlin, Berlin Vital, Travel Fair Leipzig "Touristik & Caravaning" IMEX
  • In United Kingdom:World Travel Market (WTM) in London, Destinations Show London, Destinations Show Manchester
  • In France:International French Travel Market Top Resa in Paris, Salon Destinaions Nature Paris
  • 2017 Dublin Holiday World Show
  • 2017 Ferienmesse
  • 2017 Fitur International Tourism Trade Fair
  • 24 rd Moscow International Travel & Tourism Exhibition
  • BALTTOUR 2017
  • Salon des Vacances 2017
  • Holiday World
  • Fespo Zurich (Switzerland)
  • 2017 Vakantiebeurs
  • 2017 BTL

Promotional Activities in Cruise Market

Method of Promotion Content of Promotion
Print Media Produced the Asia Cruise Cooperation (ACC) handbook and placed cross-page ACC ads in Cruise Travel magazine, and handed out ads to cruise shows' exhibitors to enhance the international image of Taiwan's cruise operators.
Travel Fairs Sent a delegation to participate in 2017 Seatrade Cruise Global, the world's largest cruise industry trade show to enhance the visibility of cruise tourism in Taiwan.
Public Relations Activities
  • Continued to use the Directions on Subsidies for Overseas Cruises, to attract international cruise operators to arrange for port calls in Taiwan, and to deepen passengers' positive impressions of Taiwan. In 2017, subsidies were provided for 24 cruise visits to Taiwan, bringing a total of 37,000 tourist visits.
  • Cooperated with Hong Kong, the Philippines, Hainan, and Xiamen through the ACC mechanism on providing promotional subsidies to encourage international cruise operators to call at member ports. Also jointly arranged a promotional party at the Seatrade Cruise Global in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with major cruise company representatives and media invited to attend. Expanded promotion of the ACC subsidy mechanism, and pledged commitment to forming alliances and cooperating with Asian cruise travel destinations.

Promotional Activities in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Australia

Method of Promotion Content of Promotion
Print Media
  • Hong Kong:aiwan themed and regional tourism information was promoted in U Magazine, Weekend Weekly, Oriental Daily News, The Sun, Economic Daily News, Apple Daily, am730, Sky Post, Headline Daily, Wen Wei Po, Yazhou Zhoukan, and Metro Pop Magazine
  • Singapore:Taiwan themed and regional tourism information was promoted in Lianhe Zaobao, United Evening News, Shin Min Daily News, The Straits Times, Today, My Paper (distributed free at MRT stations), Berita Harian, The New Paper, Travellution, and Scoot cabin magazine
  • Malaysia
    • Chinese Media: Sin Chew Daily, Kwong Wah Daily, Guang Ming Daily, China Press, See Hua Daily News; Chinese magazine: Feng, Jalan-Jalan Travel Magazine, Foodsion, Let's Travel, Newtide, Travelmate Magazine, Premium Travel and I'm First Class
    • English newspaper: The Star; English magazines: Gaya, Cycling Plus, Food & Trval, The Trval Times, Calibre, Travelution!
    • Malay-language Newspapers: The Borneo Post
  • Australia
    • Newspaper: The Weekend Australian
    • Magazine: Get Lost Magazine, Ride, International Traveller, Cyclist, Bicycling Australia, Gourmet Traveller, Organic Gardener
TV Programs and Ads
  • Hong Kong
    • TVB — Mission Incredible—Taiwan: 60 mins (10 episodes)
    • Viu TV — Let's Drink In Taiwan: 24 mins (13 episodes)
    • Viu TV — Hunt for Flavor: 60 mins (6 episodes)
    • TVB-J2 — 3 Days, 2 Nights in Kenting, Orchid Island, and Green Island: 30 mins (two episodes)
    • TVB — "2017 Miss Hong Kong – Taipei local customs shooting"
    • TVB — Chef Minor 3:30 mins (two episodes on Taiwan themes)
    • Fantastic Television — 4-Hour Living Circle: three 60-minute episodes on Kaohsiung.
  • Singapore:Channel NewsAsia: Taiwan Travel Program: 30 mins (52 episodes)
  • Malaysia
    • Bernama Radio — four exclusive interview episodes
    • Bravo! Taiwan: Shopping and Bravo! Taiwan: Cycling promotional videos were broadcast on five channels, including Prima-TV3, NTV7, 8TV, Astro Media-Astro Prima, Astro TLC, aired in 210 time slots.
  • Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and Australia:TLC — Fun Taiwan Adventures: 60 mins (10 episodes)
  • Australia:The Café, TV3
Internet Media
  • Hong Kong
    • Collaborated with HutchGo, Hong Kong's leading online travel agency, to conduct regionally themed promotional activities on the website and placed ads on Flyagain and to strengthen promotion of hot spring travel in Taiwan and boost inbound tourist numbers
    • Co-produced a promotional video on Taiwan's top-five hot spring areas with new travel network platform "Go Taiwan" to heighten the visibility of hot spring tourism and attract more visitors to Taiwan
  • Singapore:Promoted Taiwan tourism through the websites of the Taiwan Visitors Association Singapore (the Tourism Bureau's Singapore office) and Channel NewsAsia, and through YouTube
  • Malaysia
    • Commissioned the creation and maintenance of Malay, Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese websites, placed Wi-Fi and Google and WiFi ads, and set up an internet social hub (network convergence platform)
    • Maintained Facebook and Instagram pages and arranged fan interaction activities
    • Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines: Promoted "visa-free travel to Taiwan" and the "NT$599 EasyCard giveaway for qualified group visitors" in Thailand and promoted the Project for Simplifying Visa Regulations for High-end Group Tourists in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines
  • Australia:Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
Outdoor Advertising
  • Singapore:Ads were placed on the exterior walls of convention centers (travel show venues), throughout the Chinatown MRT Station (on stairs, columns, roofs, passages, floors, lightboxes, etc.), and large outdoor billboards in Chinatown
  • Malaysia:11 Power Screen outdoor LED electronic billboard ads
  • New Zealand:Sydney (Baulkam Hills), Melbourne (Kings Way Viaduct), Brisbane(Roma St.)
Public Relations Activities
  • Singapore
    • Held the Taiwan Tourism Fair in Singapore
    • Held small-scale MICE promotion activities in Singapore
  • Malaysia
    • Held the Taiwan Tourism Fair in Penang, Malaysia
    • Participated in the 2017 Taiwan Expo in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • New Zealand and Australia
    • Held Taiwan tourism promotions in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Australia
    • Held small-scale Taiwan tourism promotions in Auckland and Christchurch, New Zealand
    • Participation in local activities in Australia: Sydney Taiwan Festival, Melbourne Moon Festival, Sydney Travel Show, and jointly held industry briefings with airlines and travel agencies
    • New Zealand: Taiwan Film Festival, New Zealand Taiwan Day, Outdoor Expo and Xiyangyang Show, and jointly held industry briefings with airlines and travel agencies
Travel Fairs
  • Hong Kong:Participated in the International Travel Expo Hong Kong
  • Singapore:Participated in the NATAS Travel Fair (Spring, Autumn) and Singapore Travel Revolution Fair (Spring, Fall)
  • Malaysia:Participated in the Spring and Autumn MATTA Travel Fair (Kuala Lumpur), Spring MATTA Travel Fair in Johor, Spring and Autumn MITM Travel Fair in Johor, MATTA Travel Fair in Sabah, MITM Travel Fair in Penang, MITM Travel Fair in Kuala Lumpur, and MATTA Travel Fair in Malacca
  • New Zealand and Australia:Participated in the Flight Centre Travel Expo in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Australia

Promotional Activities in Asian emerging markets

Method of Promotion Content of Promotion
Print Media
  • Thailand:Around Magazine, Daily News, Kom Chad Luek, ASTV Poojadkarn, Bangkok Biz News, Traveller's Companion magazine, Bangkok Business, Shi Jie Ri Bao, Travel Around The World Magazine, Bangkok Post, China Daily, Qian Xian Bao, National Zone Travel, and Naewna
  • Indonesia:escape! magazine, Kompas newspaper, TravelXpose Magazine, Travelounge, Sin Chew Daily, Jawa Pos newspaper, The Travel Times, Indonesia Shang Bao, Guo Ji Ri Bao, Qiandao Ribao, and BAC Priorities Magazine
  • Philippines:Travelife Magazine, Smile, The Philippine Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer, United Daily News, and Manila Bulletin
  • Vietnam:Lao Dong ("Labor") newspaper, Tuoi Tre ("Youth") newspaper, Sài Gòn Giải Phóng ("Liberated Saigon") newspaper, Thanh Nien Daily, Nu Doanh Nhan ("BusinessWoman Magazine"), Dai Ký Nguyên ("The Epoch Times"), Hanoi Moi ("New Hanoi") newspaper
  • India:Times of India, HT Café, Mumbai, HT City, Delhi, ET Panache Travel, Delhi Times, Economic Times, Bombay Times, Mumbai Mirror, Bangalore Mirror, Calcutta Times, Mail Today, Mid Day; magazine-Travel Biz Monitor, Travel Biz Monitor, T3, Voyager's World, Wonderlust, Travel Scapes, Whereabouts, TnH, Travel Span, Experiential Marketing, Outlook Business, Lonely Planet, Conde Nast, Outlook Traveller, National Geographic Traveller, Travel Secrets, Wedding Affair, Harper's Bazaar Bride, LuxLust, AsiaSpa, TLF, L'Officiel, Exotica, Absolute India, Afternoon D&C, Midday, Grazia Magazine, and Bangalore Times
  • Middle East:Gulf News Tabloid, Khaleej Times; Magazines: Conde Nast Traveller ME, Travel Arabia, Emirates Woman, Y Magazine, Business Traveller ME, TTN, Trav Scapes, The Arab Traveller, and Utsave-10
  • Brunei:Chinese: United Daily News, English: Borneo Bulletin, Malay: Media Permata
TV Programs and Ads
  • Thailand:World 360 Degree, TV3-Samudkojom on the way, The First Ultimate
  • Vietnam:30-second ad spots on cuisine and ecology themes were placed on VTC1, VCT7-Today TV, HTV7(TH TP.HCM), HTV9 (TH TP.HCM), VTV9, VTVcab 5–E Channel, HTV2, and SCTV14
  • Philippines:30-second ad spots with cycling and Maggie Wilson cooking themes were placed on ABS-CBN, GMA, and GMA News TV; 30-second ad spots with cycling, Maggie Wilson cooking, shopping, and nature themes and a 60-second spot on summer themes were placed on Sony, AXN, and Animax
  • Indonesia:Metro TV, Kompas TV, Trans 7, Jak TV television station reveal cuisine, transit, culture and ecology 30 seconds advertising
  • India:Travel specials with TV celebrities aired on IBN, Aaj Tak, and India TV
  • Middle East:Weekend Out broadcast on cable Sony Entertainment Television
Internet Media
  • Website Creation: Commissioned to produce and maintain Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese websites
    • Thailand:
    • Indonesia:
    • Vietnam:
  • Facebook, Google, and YouTube ads: Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam
  • Other Internet Resources: Ads were placed on the websites of Indonesia's Detik, the Philippine Television Network, and AXN Philippines
  • Blogger invitations: Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam
  • India:Travel specials (six episodes) with TV celebrities were posted on YouTube. The celebrities promoted the specials in on FB, Instagram, Twitter fan pages. Internet Marketing: Google,, India Express & Financial Express, Tripoto, Goibibo, TripAdvisor, LinkedIn, Fashion Central, Urban Asian, India TV News, Webnewswire, HT Syndication, Kinky Little Boots, Glamour Mantra, Miss Malini, Santa Banta, Desi Martini, Pop Bollywood, Bollywood News In, Telly Dhamaal, Filmy Drama, Moxch, Times of India, The Indian Circle, India Today, Zee News, Udaipur Kiran, Thomas Cook, and Cox & Kings
Outdoor Advertising
  • Vietnam:Multimedia ads were placed on two outdoor LED electronic billboards each in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and at 21 department stores in 10 areas, including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Can Tho, Da Nang, and Hai Phong
  • The Philippines:Ads were placed on LED advertising walls on Lion Street, Shaw Boulevard, Connecticut Street, and the JADC Compound
  • Indonesia:Ads were placed on LED advertising walls at Mall Taman Anggrek, Blora Sudiman Jakarta, and Jalan Basuki Rahmat in Surabaya and LED and traditional billboards in Jalan Basuki Rahmat and Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya
  • Middle East:Ads were placed on both sides of large unipole billboard ads at the Dubai Airport and Dubai Mall exits (four sides total). A total of 70 Mupis lightbox ads were placed along highways in downtown Dubai (30 ads) and Abu Dhabi (40 ads)

Promotional Activities in China

Method of Promotion Content of Promotion
Print Media Lonely Planet magazine's "Marine Ecotourism in Taiwan," Golf Digest, Golf magazine, and Sina Golf Blog featured reports on golf-themed travel in southern Taiwan
Electronic Media and China National Radio
TV Programs Cooperated with to air Taiwan-themed LOHAS travel programs on Jiangsu Television's shopping and city channels
Internet Media, Baidu Travel, Tuniu, Sina Weibo, Hangzhou Milu travel platform,, Camera 360 APP, characterization, Migu Video, and Hello Taiwan
Travel Fairs Participated in the China International Travel Mart (Kunming), Northern China International Travel Mart (10 provinces and cities), Cross-strait Travel Fair, Shanghai World Travel Fair (SWTF), Shanghai F1 International Race and Cultural Tourism Expo, Shanghai International B&B Cultural Industry Expo, Nanjing International Travel Fair, and Guangzhou International Travel Fair.