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This administration will, on the basis of a complete organizational structure, continuously promote the development of recreational sites, encourage active participation and investment by the private sector, and improve both physical facilities and services in order to achieve the goals established for the scenic area. The key points of future work are as follows:

Create an integrated tourism environment
In the altruistic spirit of the goddess for which the Mazu Islands are named, we will work compassionately, carefully, and with combined expertise to create an integrated tourist environment, attracting international tourists and gradually increasing the quality and quantity of visitors in order to meet the tourism challenges of the 21st century.

Develop a signature travel experience, creating a paradise on the sea
We will work to create a unique tourism appeal centering around relaxation and the natural environment, linking various sites of tourism appeal to develop specialized travel experiences, making Mazu "world-class resort islands offering unique sightseeing and a leisurely paced lifestyle." Possibilities for trip orientations include:

  1. Geological trips, birdwatching trips
  2. Military experience trips
  3. Leisurely vacation trips
  4. Religious meditation trips


In addition, taking full of advantage of the islands’ military past as an Eastern (Min) Fujian battlefield is an important part of developing the Mazu Islands as a unique travel destination. We therefore recommend that the military open up some military strongholds whose military roles have ended and that have potential for tourism development, making them links in the chain of comprehensive tourism development in order to stimulate local prosperity and development, as well as to build up the area as a leisure destination with distinct characteristics.

Encourage investment and participation from the private sector
Participation by the private sector is of unparalleled importance in the development of the regional tourism industry. This administration therefore is emphasizing the development of the hospitality industry and recreational areas, and encourages private citizens to provide their own development plans in these areas. This administration will assist with land acquisition, giving priority to projects that complement environmental beautification and public facilities, reducing the manpower and material resource burden borne by the administration and increasing employment opportunities for local residents.

Improve travel information services

The establishment of travel information systems will provide auxiliary functions with useful benefits for management, promotion, and other tasks regarding the scenic area. The framework of the administration's information system framework therefore incorporates GIS for the integrated operation and management of the scenic area; at the same time, there are plans to construct more internet and LAN infrastructure, allowing people to conveniently go online to conduct business and search for information.  In addition, e-mail addresses for local officials will be set up so that reactions or suggestions for improvement can be handled immediately, and areas where improvement is needed can be understood.

If you have any suggestions to make about the work done by this administration or travel questions, please feel free to contact us at the following telephone or fax numbers, or by e-mail. We will be happy to assist you.

Last Modified Date:2018-07-05