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Travel Services

Includes providing travel information, interpretive guide services, and producing interpretive materials, briefly outlined below.


1. Providing travel information
Visitor centers of different scales and at different levels have been set up in the four major travel route systems (Nangan, Beigan, Dongyin, and Juguang), providing the backbone for travel services. At present, the head office in Nangan and the centers in Beigan, Juguang, and Dongyin have service desks, travel hotlines, and travel information display racks, with staff on duty every day to provide service. After Nangan and Beigan airports went into use, the same facilities were set up there, as well as computers for visitors to use to check Matsu travel information online; staff are on duty daily to provide service. In addition, the Beigan, Dongyin and Juguang visitor centers have set up interpretation display rooms, and show films on recreational sites for visitors in their multimedia rooms.


2. Interpretive guide services
The administration has about 17 volunteer interpreter/ guides who provide interpretation services at service desks, specific sites or to a group, provided an appointment is applied for in advance. There are also 80 interpretation placards, 46 warning signs and six large water area notice signs.


3. Production of interpretation materials
In order to provide complete travel service information, the administration is continually producing various interpretation/ guide brochures.

Processing of Applications from Private Citizens

In order to improve this administration's service to the public, all types of applications from the public will be handled within three days, and follow-up supervision will be provided in a timely fashion.

Last Modified Date:2018-07-05