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Development and construction

Between its establishment in 1999 and the time of this writing in late 2009, the administration’s major achievements in development have been:


1. Development and renovation of recreational sites
Including environmental beautification and public services of strongholds, improvement of roadside scenery and other improvements to create distinctive travel routes and a safe environment.


2. Construction of management and visitor centers
The administration has established its head office and visitor centers on Beigan, Juguang, and Dongyin. These have multimedia briefing and educational exhibit rooms.


3. Services and construction and renovation of public facilities
As of late 2009, bilingual interpretive placards and signs have been put in place at 132 locations in four townships and five islands in the scenic area. 12 footpaths, 18 scenic pavilions, 11 public restrooms, service desks at Nangan and Beigan airports, two interpretive exhibit rooms, and 4 multimedia rooms have been established.


Slated for 2010 are the Tangqi-Qiaozai scenic path project, Daqiu recreation area and Biyuan facility improvements, the second phase of the Nangan Mt. Yuntai Military Intelligence Museum and renovation of the surrounding military installations, the Nangan Visitor Center renovation project, the renovation of the Xiju Donghai Armed Forces Headquarters and improvements to the surrounding landscape, the renovation of Northernmost Frontier site on Dongyin, the Matsu National Scenic Area Distinctive Architectural Project and other important work.

Last Modified Date:2018-07-05