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Operating and Management

The current phase includes safety maintenance, facilities maintenance, maintenance of cleanliness, and other management work. Various related facilities in the area have not yet been completed; their operation will be outsourced to the private sector on a case-by-case basis in order to increase employment opportunities in the Matsu area.


1. Safety Maintenance
The administration has installed fire-extinguishing equipment at each visitor center. It occasionally inspects sites by the sea or that are otherwise potentially dangerous, at the end of 2009 placing 46 warning signs and six large water area warning signs. In addition to regular checks for damage and the performance of necessary maintenance work, complete records of installation dates are kept.


2. Public Liability Insurance
62 sites at Matsu's four townships and five islands are covered by public liability insurance for visitors, ensuring visitors' safety; in the event of a public accident, the administration will settle claims with the insurance company for costs resulting from the accident.


3. Facilities Maintenance
Due to the broad scope of the scenic area and a large number of maintenance tasks to be performed, the administration surveys all the parts of facilities at each site requiring maintenance and then issues contracts for all of the required maintenance work. Those facilities requiring immediate maintenance or that pose a danger to visitors are repaired on an individual basis.


4. Cleanliness Maintenance
The administration outsources environmental cleanup work within the scenic area, with vendors contracted, each responsible for the work in a particular area. The administration may send personnel for spot checks at any time, with immediate improvements made in areas found lacking.

Last Modified Date:2018-07-05