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Since military rule was lifted in the Matsu Islands in 1992, the economic structure of the islands has changed, and it faced the need for transformation. Considering the islands' considerable potential for tourism development, relevant government departments established this administration in 1999 and, in December of 2000, the administration preliminarily completed the Matsu Scenic Area Comprehensive Tourism Development Plan; after setting the themes for tourism in the Matsu Four Year Development Plan (2001 to 2004) and announcing the major recreational areas in the Matsu Islands Travel Routes Plan (2003 to 2007), it has performed development and resource conservation work, and undertaken region-wide, localized, and site planning; in addition, owing to insufficient specialized manpower, the carrying out of operations and management studies, natural resources conservation studies, and other research has largely been entrusted to units with specialized expertise.

Last Modified Date:2018-07-05