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Development of the ROC tourism industry at the government level began in 1956. In September of 1960, with the approval of the Executive Yuan, a Committee of Tourism was set up within the Ministry of Transportation and Communications; in October of 1966, this Committee was reorganized as the Tourism Council. Finally, on Dec. 29, 1972, the Tourism Bureau was established under the Ministry of Transportation & Communications and responsible for the administration of domestic and international tourism policy making, execution and development.


  • Enhancing the quality and scale of tourism:Building on Taiwan’s natural assets and cultural charm, the Tourism Bureau is promoting “high-quality tourism, unique tourism, smart tourism, sustainable tourism” rooted in the core concept of “optimizing quality and scale and enhancing value” in the tourism industry.
  • Developing high-end markets, Tapping new visitor sources in southeast asia :The Tourism Bureau is actively developing cruise and other high-end consumer markets, as well as tapping newly affluent demographic groups in emerging Southeast Asian markets. In Europe and the United States, marketing and promotions are focused on attracting more visitors to Taiwan.
  • Building friendship in international tourism, Establishing platforms for international exchange:The Tourism Bureau actively promotes and arranges international and bilateral meetings and exchanges, including exchanges with Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and other countries. Such activities strengthen mutual promotion, enhance the content and quality of tourism exchanges, and create a cooperative environment for sustainable exchange. The Bureau also actively assists promotion of the Taipei International Travel Fair to create a platform for international tourism exchange, connect the domestic and international travel industries, and initiate a new blue ocean strategy for tourism development.
  • Marketing the taiwan tourism calendar, Promoting four major theme events:The Tourism Bureau is integrating large-scale festival and competition activities in Taiwan to create a “Taiwan Tourism Events” calendar featuring four main theme festivals—the Taiwan Lantern Festival, Taiwan Culinary Exhibition, Taiwan Cycling Festival, and Formosa Summer Festival—to market and promote Taiwan’s tourism theme image internationally and show the world Taiwan’s new tourism charm.
  • Optimizing travel industry brands, Enhancing hotel tourism quality :The Tourism Bureau is promoting a policy of high-quality itineraries in Taiwan for mainland tourists and working to expand the number of mainland pilot cities open for independent travel to Taiwan. Dedicated inspection units have also been established to enhance travel quality for mainland Chinese tourist groups.
  • Supporting unique tourism activities, Innovating personnel training programs:The Tourism Bureau supports the holding of high-quality activities with unique tourism themes. Resources are committed to international activities and seminars, inviting speakers to Taiwan to provide instruction, and arranging for industry insiders to participate in overseas education to cultivate innovative tourism industry talent.
Optimizing Quality and Scale, Enhancing Value
bicycle festival
time for celebration
time to eat


  • Time to Eat:With its agricultural abundance and diverse culinary ingredients, Taiwan boasts an amazing food culture spanning fine cuisine to daily fare.
  • Time for Two Wheels:Unique natural terrain and round-the-island cycling routes set the stage for Taiwan’s new LOHAS tourism charm.
  • Time to Shop:Taiwan’s fashionable and cultural shopping environment has something for every visitor’s consumer desire.
  • Time for Nature:Discover the wonders of nature at Taiwan’s 13 national scenic areas.
  • Time for Love:From beautiful beaches to nostalgic hillside towns, Taiwan offers plenty of romantic escapes for love to bloom.
  • Time to Marvel:Immerse yourself in the human touch of local culture and daily life in Taiwan.
Creating a friendly


Creating a friendly and convenient tourism environment :To promote a friendly tourism environment, the Tourism Bureau is upgrading the “Taiwan Tourist Shuttle” service to scenic spots and the quality of service routes. The bureau also continues to develop the “Taiwan Tour Bus” system, Information Stations, and convenient services for accessible and senior travel.

Boosting travel quality:“Taiwan Pass” is your ticket to smart tourism in Taiwan. The pass is an e-ticket with special deals on food, lodging, recreation, shopping, and travel packages. Users can also enjoy access to an e-commerce platform for online ordering and payment, portable APPs, and time- and location-specific transportation and attraction deals.

Sustainable Tourism


  • Expanding and diversifying markets
  • Reinvigorating domestic travel
  • Guiding industry transformation
  • Developing smart tourism
  • Promoting experiential tourism
Update Date:2018-06-22