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Organization of Tourism Administration

The Tourism Administration System

At the central government level, the tourism administration system consists of a Tourism Section and Tourism Bureau that operate under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications. Each of Taiwan's 6 special municipalities, county governments, and city governments has its own unit responsible for local tourism construction, marketing, and promotion.

In addition to the scenic areas and private amusement parks under the administration or supervision of the Tourism Bureau, Taiwan's domestic tourism and recreational resources consist of national parks under the administration of the Ministry of the Interior's Construction and Planning Agency; leisure farms and forest recreation areas under the administration of the Council of Agriculture; national farms and forests under the administration of the Veterans Affairs Commission; university experimental forests under the management of the Ministry of Education; and reservoirs, tourism sites, and recreation areas under the supervision of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. All of these areas are important destinations for travel and tourism activities for the people of Taiwan.

Update Date:2021-11-03