Ecotourism in Taiwan

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» 2002 declared the Year of Ecotourism in Taiwan
» Taiwan offers a unique diversified ecological environment
» Taiwan - an island open to beautiful views
» Taiwan Ecotourism Association takes the ecotourism driver's seat
» Tourism Bureau creates ecotourism foundation

» Taiwan showing great potential for whale and dolphin watching: expert
» Chasing the dolphin off Ilan
» Taiwan government actively promoting whale, dolphin conservation

» Government working to reveal best of Taiwan's northeast to tourists
» Northeast coast of Taiwan features a variety of different landscapes
» Pitou Cape shows natural beauty, rock formations

» Beauty of mountains the pride of Taiwan
» Mt. Hehuan brings a different look to every season

» Cold wind brings the opening of bird-watching season
» The 10 major bird-watching sites around Taiwan
» WBFT promotes bird-watching and conservation

» BCS helps promote butterfly conservation and appreciation
» Bright future for Taiwan's butterflies
» Butterfly numbers increase under government protection

» The Yanmigshan National ParK
Yangmingshan acts as classroom for ecotourism
Yangmingshan encourages ecotourism
Yangmingshan National Park offers rich natural environment

» A brief introduction to Kenting National Park
Kenting National Park: an ecological treasure
Kenting is an ideal place to go bird-watching
Ecology mixed with recreation in Kenting
Kenting's coastline offers a variety of views

» The changing role of Taiwan's forests: from exploitation to recreation
» Forest diversity along the Central Mountain Range
» National Forest Leisure Parks on the island
» Wuling Farm provides visitors a mountain trip 
    Spring and Autumn are the two best periods to visit the mountain resort.

» Taiwan's offshore islands become popular tourist destinations
» Penghu flat-out fun in the Taiwan Strait
» Kueishan Island opens to tourists on March 1
» Matsu - relaxing on Formosa's front line island

» ANSAA to give Alishan new development momentum
ANSAA to create new look for Alishan
» Ruili and Fenqihu become major attractions under ANSAA promotion
» TFB holds month-long Alishan Cherry Blossom Festival 
» Alishan Forest Railway provides convenient to travelers

» Taroko National Park Headquarters - A high quality recreation environment
» Taroko: high mountains and sheer gorges await
» Major hiking trails within Taroko National Park
» Pulowan Formosa Lily Festival held at Pulowan
» Tienhsiang: very popular recreation area in Taroko