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Tourism Bureau launches free "iTaiwan" WiFi service for international visitors

Taiwan Tourism Bureau Press Release

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau rolled out the "iTaiwan" free WiFi internet service on December 20, 2013, making it easier than ever for international visitors to get online during their stay in Taiwan. With about 5,100 participating hotspots throughout the island, the service provides widely available online access in a user-friendly environment. Visitors can sign up for an iTaiwan account at before departure or apply after arrival at a Tourism Bureau service counter or visitor information center (passport required). Accounts are effective for 30 days and can be extended to 60 or 90 days as needed.

Account holders can get online at any iTaiwan hotspot with a WiFi enabled smart mobile device by selecting the "iTaiwan WiFi" SSID and logging in with the account number and password. The service provides unlimited WiFi internet access for everything from looking up tourism and transportation information to sharing on-the-spot photos of Taiwan's cuisine, scenic beauty and other special moments with friends.

For service details and transportation information, visit the Tourism Bureau's Taiwan Tourism Information Network (, or contact national scenic area administrations for more information.