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A New Era for iTaiwan! Foreign tourists can go online and roam for free in Taiwan

Tourists can now connect to the internet all over Taiwan, free of charge. The Executive Yuan (Cabinet) and its subordinate agencies, together with local governments, have set up about 4,400 “iTaiwan” WiFi hotspots at major tourist spots, transportation hubs, cultural establishments, and government offices all over the island. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau and the Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission are working to provide the utmost convenience for foreign visitors and eliminate any communications problems they may encounter. This new service will considerably brighten Taiwan’s already shining image for quality travel services.

Tourists entering the island can apply for an iTaiwan account at a Taiwan Tourism Bureau service counter or any visitor center throughout the island. All they need is a passport; there is no charge. Once their account is opened, they can go online with their Internet-enabled smart phones, laptops, or tablet computers at any “iTaiwan” hotspot anywhere on Taiwan. All they have to do is select the “iTaiwan” SSID, and enter their account number and password. This gives them access to tourist information and allows them to contact their friends anywhere in the world.

In addition, iTaiwan has established roaming agreements with four local governments so that tourists who have set up iTaiwan accounts also have access to TPE-Free in Taipei City, New Taipei in the city of that name, iTaichung in Taichung, and Tainan-WiFi in Tainan.