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Directions for Fly-cruise Incentives from the Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Directions for Fly-cruise Incentives from the Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Taiwan Tourism Bureau News Release

Directions for Fly-cruise Incentives from the Taiwan Tourism Bureau

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau is pleased to announce the Directions for Fly-cruise Incentives, which will benefit not only international cruise lines that combine flights and cruises into packages and use Taiwan as one of their ports of call, but also Taiwan through the peripheral business opportunities created by being a key destination for Asian cruise travel.

According to a survey conducted by the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), the world market for cruise ship travel has been growing steadily by an average of 7.2% each year for the past two decades. Global cruise travelers are expected to reach 30 million by 2020; the Western Pacific Region will be the fastest-growing market, with an average annual growth rate of 8% to 9%, exceeding the global average. Because of this, cruise lines are sparing no effort to plunge into this world's most promising cruise market—Asia.

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau says that cruise travelers visiting Taiwan brought US$27 million in tourism revenue for this island in 2016, and international cruise ships will boost the value of Taiwan’s tourism revenue by 15% in 2018, according to a credible estimate. It is noteworthy that international cruise lines such as Star, Princess, and Costa have rapidly increased the number of cruise ships calling at Taiwan ports in their Asian routes over the past two years. An increase of more international cruise liners serving Taiwan will promote the further development of air-sea joint ventures with Taiwan-based links, namely via taking a flight to Taiwan for a cruise to other countries, or vice versa.

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau has developed the international cruise market for many years and fully realizes that this requires close collaboration with other cruise destinations. Director General Joe Y. Chou of the Tourism Bureau points out that Taiwan is located between Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia, and has the potential to develop its cruise market and turn itself into a cruise hub.

In addition, the Bureau, as one of the founding members of the Asia Cruise Cooperation (ACC), has collaborated with other members to provide international cruise lines with incentives and publicity for their services in the hope of opening up more opportunities for international cruise liners to dock in Taiwan and other member countries. In 2017, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau won the approval of Star Cruises to launch a brand-new Hong Kong – Philippines – Kaohsiung route, with 15 sailings a year, which will surely bring more Filipino tourists to Taiwan.

An extra incentive for air-sea travel at this juncture will persuade more international cruise operators to package Taiwan tourism products, which will encourage adventurous travelers in Asia to experience a different way to get to Taiwan.

To build a friendlier environment for international cruise passengers, Taiwan has set up a Taiwan Cruise Promotion Task Force under the Tourism Commission of the Executive Yuan. With full support from all related government agencies, Taiwan's efforts to develop the international cruise industry have gradually taken shape. This will go hand in hand with Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy of increasing interaction, including tourism, with Southeast Asian countries, and will help Taiwan attract more tourists from this region.

The Directions for Fly-Cruise Incentives from the Taiwan Tourism Bureau may be downloaded from the following link: