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[News] Smart Travel in Taiwan

Daily life without a smartphone is nowadays unthinkable for countless people, and traveling with the help of phone apps has become as common as the use of printed maps and guidebooks was in the past. This new technology also possesses quite a few advantages. “Tour Taiwan,” an app released by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, is a good example. Donwloading is free, the app is available for iOS and Android devices in Chinese and English versions, and it comes with a huge database. You will find more than 16,000 location-based entries, with information provided on visitor sites, accommodations, dining, travel-service centers, police stations, hospitals, parking lots, gas stations, and train/bus stations. Working in unison with the GPS function of smartphones, users can easily find information about places of interest near their current locations as well. To download the app, simply search for “Tour Taiwan” in Apple’s app store or Android’s Google Play Store.

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