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1 . Directions for providing counterpart credit guarantee of the capital expenditure loans to the hotels and homestays which are affected by natural disasters canceled 2017/01/26
2 . Regulation for the Management of Tourist Amusement Enterprise canceled 2017/01/20
3 . Directions for Tourism Bureau Incentives for the Promotion of Visits to Taiwan by Foreign Cruise Ships canceled 2017/01/18
4 . Act for the Development of Tourism canceled 2017/01/11
5 . Directions for the Provision of Subsidies by the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications to Assist Local Authorities in Enforcement against Illegal General Hotels and Home-stays canceled 2017/01/06
6 . Implementation Directions for Tourism Bureau, MOTC Subsidies to Travel Agencies for the Promotion of Travel in Typhoon-affected Pingtung County in 2016 canceled 2017/01/04
7 . Regulations Governing Tour Guides canceled 2017/01/03
8 . Regulations Governing Travel Agencies canceled 2017/01/03
9 . Template of Standardized Contract for Overseas Tour canceled 2016/12/12
10 . Quality Directions of Tour Group for the Organizing by Travel Agencies of Tourist Travel in Taiwan by People from Mainland China canceled 2016/12/01